Thursday, April 10, 2014

Elite Romance in St. Barths {Honeymoon Week}

Honeymoon Week continues from Honeymoon Islands with this uber exclusive resort in the Caribbean!

Eden Rock – St Barths is an ultra-luxe hotel/resort on the French island of St Barths, often referred to as the Saint Tropez of the Caribbean.  Situated on a rock and surrounded by turquoise waters and white sand, Eden Rock – St Barths attempts to provide the absolute ultimate in service within its accommodations, bars, restaurants and boutiques.

“Eden Rock Estates” is the Eden Rock – St Barth’s brand new ultra-luxe, six-star villa product featuring two accommodations for the discerning guest seeking the ultimate villa experience.  The Garbo suite (below) is perfect for honeymoons boost a very sensual atmosphere with panoramic views of the ocean. Villa Nina and Villa Rockstar are located directly on the beach; these villas offer the best of both worlds: all the services of a world class hotel, as well as the privacy, security and spacious luxury of a world class villa.

Eden Rocks’ restaurants are a must for anyone visiting St Barths. The legendary hotel is the beyond perfect place to soak up the sun or to enjoy world class dining at ‘The Sand Bar’ and ‘On the Rocks’ restaurants, both masterminded by the world famous Master Chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten. Luc Lanza and Renaud Liou manage these exceptional St Barths restaurants. An on property garden grows organic herbs and tomatoes. Everything that can be homemade is created fresh and delicious each and every morning. These days Eden Rock employs one hundred and forty staff to look after sixty-six guests and has become one of the world’s leading luxury boutique hotels.

Telephone: 703.753.8115