Friday, August 5, 2011

Photography: The Next Generation {Geoff Chesman Visuals}

Earlier this week I finally had some time to catch up with a great photographer and friend, Geoff Chesman of Geoff Chesman Visuals.  He filled me in on his new digs, beautiful family and most importantly, his new concept behind the "visuals" part of his brand.  You see, Geoff is a photographer, and admittedly, I always found it interesting that "Photography" was not a part of his name.  You may ask yourself, as I did, what in the world is "visuals".  Then, it all made sense.

Besides pulling out some of the new album styles he is working with these days, he handed over his Ipad- complete with great custom case that looks just like a photo album.  Two points for creativity there.  But I was thinking Geoff, Ipads don't show flash, so I can't see your slideshows.  What he showed me was awesome.  I saw a slideshow, similar in many ways to ones I have seen in the past, but different because some of the pictures were actually moving in their spot.  Yes, moving, like a small video!  In a crowded restaurant, I couldn't hear, but asked if sound was included as well and he replied yes.  How cool!

Ok, so you don't get the "picture".  Understandable.  Check out the video below.

Melissa and Scott | Married | Moving Pictures from Geoff Chesman Visuals on Vimeo.

Cool stuff, right?  So this is what he calls moving pictures.  The camera used to capture the motion is the same camera used to capture the stills so you won't even know he is shooting.  This is such a fantastic compromise for my clients who are on the fence about video coverage.

Make no mistake though, Geoff is not offering video documentary services.  All this is are small 5-10 second clips integrated into the picture slideshow.  Want to learn more about is and see more samples, well, I have one more for you below.  This is the Living Album, which is actually an album layout with moving pictures.

Christine & Josh - A Living Album - Photo/Video Fusion from Geoff Chesman Visuals on Vimeo.

Please contact Geoff for more information and check out his blog,