Thursday, December 12, 2013

Fun Wedding Cake Flavors!

Image by Photography by Susie

Who doesn't love a delicious wedding cake? Traditionally, wedding cakes were simple white or almond cakes with plain butter cream but over the years bakers have developed flavors ranging from chocolate to lemon and infused them with fillings and jams and liquors. We asked two of the D.C. area's top wedding cake designers to tell us their most exciting new flavors.

Leslie from Fancy Cakes by Leslie shares that a great new bridal flavor of hers is Bailey's Irish Cream cake.  It's been very popular with her shop's cupcakes so now she showcases the cake at tastings and it's taken off And it's a personal favorite of Leslie's, too! Interestingly for 18 years her most popular cake for parties and bridal is vanilla butter cake with swiss raspberry jam and Swiss butter cream.  She says it's delicious any time of year and at least 40% of her brides choose that combination. Both sound heavenly!

Lara Stuckey of Fluffy Thoughts Cakes says that one of her most popular cake combinations is the Candy Bar Crunch, which is marble cake with three layers of vanilla Italian butter cream, salted caramel, milk ganache, and crunchies. A new and exciting flavor is her apple bacon cake, which is apple cake with bacon bits baked into it, with three layers of maple cream cheese and salted caramel. Amazing!

So if you're planning a wedding, why not try an exotic new wedding cake flavor to make your wedding really stand out? Happy tasting!