Friday, April 26, 2013

The Grandsons {Vendor Spotlight}

Last weekend I attended my (gulp) 20 year reunion down at Duke University. It was a great weekend with perfect, North Carolina spring weather and as I took my first steps back on campus on Saturday morning, who was the first person I bumped into? One of my roommates or sorority sisters?  Nope. It was Alan from the DC area band "The Grandsons."

Alan went to Duke a few years before I did (he was there for his 25th) so we actually know each other from living in DC. More specifically, he's part of one of my favorite bands and I've recommended him many times for weddings (including my own brother's wedding a decade ago). It was great to see Alan (albeit out of context for both of us) and it reminded me just how much I love "The Grandsons."

A fan aptly described The Grandsons exuberant sound as "American music in a blender with the lid off." The more prominent elements in this eclectic whirlpool are New Orleans rhythm and blues, rockabilly, swing and country two steps. They are unique, fun and certainly not your average "wedding band."

If you're looking for something really fun and a completely unique for your wedding reception or cocktail hour, be sure to check them out. They have a few CDs out, as well, and they perform around the DC area. Here is a snippet of one of their original tracks.

For booking, visit their website or contact Alan at