Tuesday, September 7, 2010

A Love That Crossed Land and Sea [Kathleen + Tom}

Kathleen and Tom met in San Diego and began to fall in love.  Kathleen moved to Boston while Tom remained in San Diego.  Tom was deployed overseas to Iraq. Kathleen and Tom live happily ever after, together (finally!), in Massachusetts.  That is the short version of a very long love story that survived 1,000’s of miles.

The bride was in Boston for most of the planning so I met the Groom and the Parents of the Bride first.  With the Groom, Father of the Groom and Father of the Bride being former military, working with them on a detailed timeline and organized yet smooth flow of the evening was a breeze. 

Arriving at the Bride’s Parents' house on Saturday morning, all was calm.  The girls were getting their hair and makeup done in one of the upstairs rooms by the talented Katherine Patsas Nevitt.  While the girls were getting ready, the Parents of the Bride and I discussed all of the details for the day. 

The groom and his groomsmen arrived at St Aloysius first.  The church is a perfect location for a wedding with its long aisle and gorgeous architecture.  It was established in 1856 and is located on the Gonzaga High School campus. 

Once the Bride had arrived with her bridal party, we tucked the Groom in the sacristy and brought her inside.  Shortly thereafter, the guests began to arrive and take their seats.  We had 5 young greeters to assist with handing out our programs. 

The music for the ceremony was provided by several talented musicians: organist and pianist – Dr. John Warman of St. Aloysius, strings – Sunrise String Quartet, soloist - Elizabeth Hungerford.  After the hour long ceremony, guests and bridal party were loaded into the transportation provided by the family and headed over to Washington Golf and Country Club located in Arlington, Virginia.

The bridal party took some cute pics on the 1st tee while the guests enjoyed cocktails overlooking the beautifully kept golf course.  In the background, a slideshow of the couple played.

Guests entered the Presidential ballroom and were struck by the gorgeous blue linens on each of the tables with the simple, yet elegant centerpieces designed by Anne Holcombe.  Bowls of blue and pink M&M’s with the couple’s names written on them were sitting on each of the tables for guests to enjoy throughout the night.  

The amazing cake, designed by Kendall of Kendall’s Cakes, was not only beautiful to look at but also quite tasty.

After dinner guests boogied down to the energetic band Trademark, which is based out of Richmond.  Even guests of the Club who overheard the music playing couldn’t help but dance and sing along when walking by the ballroom.  

The amazing Paul Morse had the pleasure of photographing all of these special moments throughout the day and we had the pleasure of working along-side of him and his fantastic assistant, Jenna.

Congratulations to Kathleen and Tom! Thanks for letting us share your fun wedding!