Monday, November 19, 2012

Louisville or Bust?!

Two weeks ago I had a new and super fun experience with one of my brides.  After a long debate about hosting their wedding in the bride's home town of Louisville, KY or in the groom's adolescent town (well backyard) of DC, Roby and Misty decided DC would be easier and more practical for their guests to travel to.  But we weren't going to leave Louisville in the dust!  So, Misty and I went to spend a few days there and gathered inspiration to incorporate into their wedding celebration.

I have to admit, after day 1, I was a little concerned that it wouldn't come to me.  How would I incorporate this town that is renowned for the Kentucky Derby and Louisville Sluggers without it feeling themeish??  Those who know me, know I don't do themes.  But on day two, everything fell into place. I absolutely cannot WAIT for you to see their pictures in September.  Until then, I will leave you with some of the highlights of our trip.  Enjoy!


Louisville is very much about food you shouldn't eat.  Misty and I shared cinnamon roll Bourbon French Toast and a Hot Brown.

Look away Laura, you do not want to see this.  This, is a Hot Brown.  Upon my research prior to the trip I learned this is a turkey sandwich with cheese and bacon crated at the Brown Hotel.  What I got was this casserole dish, I wasn't sure if there was a sandwich under it, cheese, about 1/4' of oil and a piece of bacon- done just the way I like it- burnt!  After I got over my fear and dug in, it was pretty good!

Lynn's Paradise Cafe hosted my first meal - and only meal necessary that day- above.  The kitschiest  restaurant I have EVER seen had an amazing general store complete with oddities like pickle lollypops and bacon toothpaste.  The tables are adorned with tacky lamps as Lynn hosts the tacky lamp contest every year, crazy!

I'm the one on the left and Misty is my fork :)

Checking out what ponies to put money on at Churchill Downs

My horse was leading the whole race and got beat in the last 25 yards!

We sat at the Finish Line

Misty's winner was Fear The Kitten...