Thursday, January 16, 2014

Zola Registry {Fabulous Finds}

One often frustrating part of the wedding process is the registry. Not that it isn't great to receive gifts but having to register at multiples stores to cover all your bases can be tiresome. And let's not forget those couples who have everything they need and would rather have a great honeymoon.

Well, now there is a great new single site registry that covers all of that! Zola is the only site that allows couples to register online for products, experiences, services, cash funds, and anything else from any store. They take care of all transactions on their site, which means your loved ones won’t find themselves bounced to outside sites, and you won’t receive duplicates of third-party items. So long to ten sets of candlesticks!

What we loved is the variety of gifts from unique experiences (Love Art, anyone?) to practical services (house cleaning--woo hoo!) to the tried and true china and flatware. And if you really don't want any kind of gifts (even the cool honeymoons), they have the option of a cash fund.

And it is super-easy to get started building a registry with Zola's Starter Collections like the "Top 10 Kitchen Items" and "Build Your Bar." Props to Zola for making the process simple and fun and for having so many cool options. Happy registering!