Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Downton Abbey Inspiration!

I'll admit it. I'm hooked on PBS's series "Downton Abbey." I only started watching it a few weeks ago and immediately raced through streaming the first season on Netflix and then had to get Season 2 on iTunes to continue the obsession. Now I'm distraught that I'll have to wait months and months to watch Season 3!

Along with the amazing characters and captivating plot lines, I adore the costumes.  Susannah Buxton has done an impressive job creating the gorgeous creations and also of gradually moving the clothing from turn-of-the-century (complete with corsets) to the looser lines of the 1920's.

I love bringing the delicate fabrics, intricate beading and interesting necklines back into the fray and hope to see Downton Abbey inspire some of our wedding dress designers! Anyone else love Downton?