Monday, February 6, 2012

Pinterest Fun!

Now I'm not usually the first to jump on a new technology or social media bandwagon. Or the second or third. People usually have to point it out and tell me that I need to be tweeting my breakfast choice or must become the mayor of someplace.  But I'm quite enjoying playing on Pinterest.  I've been pinning some images from favorite Engaging Affairs weddings and even favorite wedding shoes. I have some of my novel-writing inspiration up and some of my favorite books of all time.

Even better, I've found some great inspiration on everything from making superhero capes to cleaning cast iron. I love little tidbits like this! So check out my boards on Pinterest.  I'll be adding lots more favorite wedding images and writing inspiration, I'm sure. And Amanda's boards have some awesome inspiration (perhaps for her own fabulous destination wedding that she's planning?)!  Happy pinning!