Wednesday, June 27, 2012

A Planner's Paradise Part Two {Amanda & Luke}

The wedding day!  Although I didn’t have my Robek’s smoothie to start me out (an Engaging Affairs wedding day tradition)-- I did have a large coconut to drink out of to start my day!  Shenique Higgs with Sheque Perfection got the mothers, maid and matron of honor and myself ready to walk down the aisle!  Shenique has also worked with other DC planners on destination weddings-- small world! 

 As I said before, I love color.  I knew the coral of the local bougainvillea would look amazing against the ocean!  The Alexandra Resort (thank you Anette Mullings) was the perfect backdrop!  Their rooms and service were absolutely amazing.  Oh and did I mention the views!  I’ve always loved yellow so I had my girls wear a casual yellow sundress to compliment the tropical background.  I wanted this ceremony to be personal so I asked my dear friend and mentor, Sandra Hoehne, to preside.  It was absolutely perfect!  We chose poems by Wordsworth and Whitman for our readings and gave our own vows (think “I vow to come second on Greengenes nights” and “I vow to let our kids be Ravens fans”).

The one difficult part about me is the photography.  As a girl who does not look her best in candid photos and constantly has her “photo smile” on but loves photojournalism wedding photos-- it was quite hard for me to imagine being obsessed with my wedding photos.  Introducing Jon Nickson of Eyespice Photography!  He was able to put my whole family and myself at ease!  He promised to yell at me if I started to get too “planner” on him as well!  I knew I wanted to come away with amazing photos and even go a little out of the box-- so I went swimming!

After a change of dress it was on to the reception at Mango Reef Restaurant.  Alexis took such great care of us and the whole party was delighted at the amazing food and service!  My favorite parts of the wedding were the toasts.  My father, who is known to be slightly sarcastic, did a wonderful job pulling out my 8th grade creative writing booklet.  The toasts went on to include my oldest and dearest friend, my beloved sister, a memorable salute from the best man, a 90210 ode, a college throwback, and a video montage narrated and made by Luke’s mom.  Lots of talking (very fitting)!   

 We had a custom cake topper made from The Little Gift Box (you can see it here on their site which is a local shop in Alexandria, VA!

After the cake cutting it was time for DJ William John put on some amazing dance tunes and the rest of the night was a dancing blur! 

Thank you again to all of these amazing vendors for making my dreams come true and letting us all celebrate in paradise!