Monday, November 9, 2009

Engagement Photos {Amy & Clark}

Clark and I recently met up with a great friend of mine, Ralph Alswang, for our engagement photo shoot. Ralph is an amazing photographer and SO much fun to be on a shoot with! {Little known fact: He was the personal photog for Bill & Hillary during their 8 years in the White House}

We had a wonderful time revisiting our first date spot, Starbuck's on M Street in Georgetown. It brought back some great memories for Clark and I. Not to mention, it was good experience getting in front of the camera. I was surprisingly intimidated!! Engagement shoots can be fun and produce some pretty classic pics but if nothing else, it's a time for you to get comfortable in front of the camera! I cannot imagine if my wedding day was the first time I had had this experience as I am sure I would have been even more timid.

Tips for making the most out of your shoot from Ralph:
1) Make time in your schedule for the shoot depending on when the photog suggests will be the best light. Work and life may be insane but take the time to enjoy your engagement!
2) Start out at a location that sparks favorable memories of your time together. This will help you loosen up and get comfortable. If you want to go to a new location, talk to your photog about traveling there after you have had a few shots taken at a familiar spot.
3) Dress for success! Wear an outfit that is YOU - just like your wedding day, don't venture out of your comfort zone. Your confidence will shine through in your photos.
4) Snacks - not sure about anyone else, but snacks are a crucial piece to remaining in a good frame of mind for me. Hunger = unhappy bride ;)
5) Live it up! Being engaged is a wonderful season of life, enjoy being with one another!

Ralph also put together a fantastic little slide show for us -

For more of Ralph's fabulous photos, check out his website here. To get him on your wedding day dream team, he can be reached at

Amy Lorraine