Friday, February 26, 2010


It's that time of year again. Well, the real time just passed. Since January I have been hard at work on this years' entry for the DC ISES Gala Awards. I've been lucky enough to have my past three wedding entries nominated and I'm hoping to go for nomination number 4!

The wedding I entered this year was an event of global proportions. Anbinh and Jeffrey met in Northern Virgina over 6 years ago, but came from very different places and thus, their wedding and guest list spanned the world.

The day consisted of 1 reception, 2 ceremonies and 3 wardrobe changes. Beginning early Sunday morning, Anbinh and Jeffrey held a Vietnamese Tea Ceremony at their home in Fairfax, VA. The couple celebrated the brides culture as both families participated in the ceremony.

We then moved everyone into DC to prep for the evening's Western ceremony and reception all to take place at the stunning Ronald Reagan Building in it's various event spaces.

The bride had very specific decor ideas and her inspiration of the male peacock's feathers provided a great color pallet while not being outrageous.

Thank to Suburban Video, here is a link to a video montage of their epic day.

Enjoy the photos provided by the fabulous Rodney Bailey and I will keep you posted on the results!


Thursday, February 25, 2010

Cake Wrecks!

Normally we share lots of beautiful images with you of amazing events with stunning cakes. I thought today we'd shake things up, and I'd share one of my all-time favorite websites of not-so-pretty things.

When I need a laugh, I can always count on Cake Wrecks, a site devoted to disastrous cakes. Everything from birthday cakes with horrific spelling to wedding cakes from hell. Is that a clown riding a poo monster in the photo above? I mean, seriously. What is that?? And what is the occasion for such a cake? My heart goes out to the little kid who got that cake on their birthday!

And the captions the web mavens come up with are a riot! I have been known to laugh so hard at some of the cakes that tears have been rolling down my face. Check it out for yourself! And check out what may be the world's most hideous wedding cake ever below. Aside from saying "Happy Wending," it seems to be covered with enormous spoiled fruit. Ewwwwww!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Bimini Bay Bound

Last week, Sara and I had the great fortune to be invited down to visit Bimini Bay Resort in Bimini Bay, Bahamas. We had long had our eyes on the resort as a possible location for destination weddings so we were thrilled to have the chance to see it for ourselves. And let me tell you, we were not disappointed!

After a rather adventurous trip down to Miami (involving sitting on the runway for an hour, nearly missing our connecting flight and making a mad dash through the airport), we joined several other wedding planners and Bimini Bay's fabulous events coordinator, Danielle Dunfee, on a private jet for the thirty minute flight over to Bimini.

Flying in over Bimini's incredibly turquoise waters was breathtaking. The island is only 7 miles long so you can take in the entire island as you approach (and we were close enough to see stingrays swimming in the waters below us)! After landing, we hopped a water taxi to the resort and enjoyed island music on the way over. Even though the weather wasn't as tropical as we'd hoped, just seeing such crystal clear blue water was enough to make me chill out. And the bright colors of the buildings made us feel like we were far away from D.C.!

We had a yummy lunch at the resort's restaurant Sabor (I recommend the cracked conch), then took a tour of the resort. The thing that impressed me the most were the number of options couples have for their wedding.

They can have their ceremony on the beach, in the gazebo looking over the water, in the glass pavilion or even by the reflecting pool. Receptions can be held in the main pool around Sabor, around the infinity pool, in the glass pavilion or even inside Sabor. A wedding dinner for two could even be held in the gazebo! Unlike a lot of outdoor wedding venues, Bimini Bay has really great indoor back-up options so couples don't have to worry about getting rained out.

Although it was too chilly to go swimming or lay out, we did enjoy walking on the beach (and watching an amazing sunset) and Sara even took a run the next morning. The two bedroom suite where we stayed was gorgeous and brand new. The decor is very neutral and Pottery Barn chic, which is refreshing for a Caribbean resort. No cheesy tropical prints in this resort!

Before we left the island the next day, we took a tour via golf cart and saw the house where Hemingway lived and worked on some of his novels as well as a pretty cool wreck washed up on shore. For an island only 7 miles long, it has some interesting history. Lots of shipwrecks and piracy!

We were so sad to leave but the only question is when we'll be back with a wedding. This is the perfect spot for a destination wedding and we can't wait to plan one there!


Tuesday, February 23, 2010

A Wild, Wild Western Wedding

Credits, clockwise from top left: gown (Brides magazine), church (Martha Stewart Weddings), boots (Style Me Pretty), table setting (Brides), junior cowboys (Snippet & Ink), mechanical bull (Snippet & Ink), tablescape (Martha Stewart Weddings), horseshoe placecards (Brides), hats and bandanas (Snippet & Ink)
And the inspiration was the really cute western themed invites from Hello, Lucky!

We've had a few really fun Texas couples over the past few years so we thought we'd do a Western/Texan-inspired board. The thought of warm, open fields and cutting loose at a festive outdoor reception is so appealing. And what, I ask you, could be a better ice-breaker at a reception than mechanical bull riding?

I've never been a Wild West type of girl but my favorite yoga teacher from Georgetown Yoga, Margaret Burns Vapp, moved to Montana a few years ago and opened Big Sky Yoga, which is a yoga retreat/ranch/ski resort. She even runs retreats than mix horseback riding and yoga--how fun is that? Ever since I heard about it, I've had a bee in my bonnet about going. Her motto is, "Put a little yee-haw in your Namaste." Love that!

So for everyone like us who is really ready for the winter to be over and who want a little more yee-haw in their lives, enjoy!

Laura and Alison

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Thailand Cubed!

Ok, so what do I mean, Thailand cubed? And, why should I care? Well, here are the reasons I am writing about Thailand 1) DESTINATION WEDDING 2) Honeymoon 3) MY honeymoon.

First things first. As Laura and I set out to check up on some major destination wedding locations for you, (we visited a tropical locale last week so stay tuned) I decided to check out one on my own while I was on the other side of the world. More on that later. Phuket is the beach/resort island area of Thailand located about an hour's plane ride south of Bangkok. There are several resorts lining both the east and west costs of the island. The Indigo Pearl resort, located on the west coast, offers visitors the perfect combination of resort and local culture, which will give your guests added reason to travel half way around the world for your celebration.

Phuket was originally a tin mining area and the Indigo Peal's architecture and decor tastefully pays homage to the island's history. The resort boasts space for weddings as small and private as 10 guests to ones with over 250 guests. Given the huge number of mixed culture weddings we are seeing now a days, with guests flying to the event from many places all over the world, why not meet in an exotic locale new and exciting for everyone? Thailand is a nice neutral ground:)

So, back to the spaces. Whether it's a sunset beach wedding, nuptials on the grassy grounds, or using the space of one of their unique restaurants, this destination spot is sure to give your guests an experience they won't soon forget.As a honeymoon spot, you must love to travel. Now don't get me wrong, some people may not be familiar with the distinction between travel and vacation, two very different things. Clearly you don't fly 22+ hours to sit on a beach and relax. There better be something darn good to see that far away. Not to fear, Thailand has it.

From the largest market in the WORLD, to elephant rehabilitation parks, to more Buddha's and temples than you could possibly fit into a trip, Thailand has something for everyone. There are three seasons, hot, hotter and rainy. Best to visit during the hot season, December-March.

Finally, here are my highlights.

We began our trip in Bangkok by way of Seoul. Korean Air Lines was fantastic. Bangkok, to me, was huge and ridiculous. The perks, the Grand Palace, an enormous lying buddha made of gold, the weekend market- read you need to spend a whole day there to actually stop freaking out and make your purchases, it is the size of Magic Kingdom- and the SILK! Buy as much as you can. Bring home reams for friends and family as gifts. They will FIND something to do with it.

Chiang Mai was my favorite spot. Unreal night market- not nearly as overwhelming as the weekend market in Bangkok- elephant adventures, zip cording through rain forests and amazing Thai cooking courses. I forgot to mention, the food here in Thailand is unbelievable and super inexpensive. We ate like kings! Oh ya, and the infamous Thai massage. My husband and I both got one for an hour for only $5!

Phuket was our final stop and time to relax. We rented a car, warning, they drive on the other side of the road and there are NO rules. If a car is bigger than you, make way! The best sunset on the island is at Phromthep Cape. Thanks to my so/so navigating skills and the lack of marked roads, we made it there with about 10 minutes to spare. The amazing Big Buddha

still being constructed on top of a mountain. We went up and bought a marble block to be used on it. In 10 years, when we go back, we can say we helped build it. We took a day trip to the Phi Phi Islands, the most amazing beaches in the world. It was on one of these that the movie The Beach with Leo DiCaprio was filmed (it's claim to fame). We experienced the crazy monkey beach here as well. Do NOT let your food or drink out of your possession. These guys are aggressive! Besides that, a little sitting on the beach, kayaking in the ocean and reading by the two infinity pools.

Overall, Thailand was an adventure. The best thing I think you can get from a trip is wanting to go back. Thailand has definitely been put back on the list!


Friday, February 19, 2010

Wedding Week 2010

Mark your calendars for March 24-28, 2010

Wedding Week 2010 is an educational conference geared toward event professionals. You will have the opportunity to hear from and speak with some of the most prominent industry professionals in the nation. Wedding Week consists of 4 days of symposiums, workshops and events directed toward elevating the special event industry standards and practices in event production, business consultation, and client standards.

They will also be having several events such as a Cake Design Challenge, Tablescape Competition, Pink Veil Event and Grooms' Events.

Guest Speakers to include: Preston Bailey, Sasha Souza, Diann Valentine, Donnie Brown, Preeti Shah, Katie Martin, Andre Wells, Linyette Richardson-Hall, Janie Medley, Stacie Francombe, Pearl Taylor and Isha Foss.

1920s Inspiration Board {Speak-Easy Style}

Outside club (Flickr by Mukhina Ekaterina), speakeasy (, bridesmaids (, lavender whiskey sour (Martha Stewart Weddings), ceremony programs (, cake topper (, bouquet (Style Me Pretty), bridal gown (Martha Stewart Weddings)

We're channeling Chicago jazz and Speak-Easy style today. I love details like retro Bride and Groom cake toppers, the lavender whiskey sour and programs that look like telegrams. And tell me that slinky gown with the bottom flounce isn't the perfect dress for a bride to change into for dancing!

Alison and Laura

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Monachetti Video Preview {Eliza and Micah}

Eliza & Micah//A New Year's Wedding from Monachetti on Vimeo.

Enjoy this fun video from my New Year's Eve wedding at The Monaco. Thanks to the fun and talented guys from Monachetti Video for sharing!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Mad Men Inspiration

Dress (, gloves (, birdcage veil and shoes (Snippe
and Ink), groom (Style Me Pretty), cigars (Style Me Pretty), oysters (Style Me Pretty), typewriter (Style Me Pretty), Christina Hendricks and bridesmaids (In Style Weddings)

We are loving "Mad Men" and cheer the return of gloves, birdcage veils and pill box hats (and although we love the look of cigars, we could do without the era's chain smoking). What better way to infuse a little glamour and style into your wedding than with some vintage chic (like using an old typewriter for a guest book)! Hope you enjoy a little 1950s inspiration.

Alison and Laura

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

And the Winner Is . . .

Wahoo Wedding! Congratulations Wahoo! Shoot us an email ( with your contact info within the next 48 hours and we will get you set up with your free Coco Myles dress. Thank you to everyone who voted and took the time to look at all of our inspiration boards and dress designs. We had a lot of fun and hope you did, too.

We have some fabulous new inspiration boards for you this week so be sure to keep reading. And if you'd like to see an inspiration board about a special theme or look, let us know.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Vote, Vote, Vote!

Today is the last chance to vote on your favorite Coco Myles dress creation and wedding fantasy! Just check out the posts from last week (from "Lavish, Lavish, Lavish" through "South Beach Chic") and vote on the post you like best. One lucky voter will win her very own Coco Myles dress! We will pick a winner first thing tomorrow morning and post it. Stay tuned and good luck!

Peacock {Blue} Wedding Inspiration

credits, clockwise, from top left: LoveLifeImages, Style Me Pretty, In Style
Weddings, In Style Weddings, Style Me Pretty, Style Me Pretty, Flights of Fancy,
Style Me Pretty, Martha Stewart Weddings, Flights of Fancy

Lately, we have been using peacock feathers a lot. We've tucked them in menu cards, used them to tie on chairs and even made an entire table topper out of them! I love the luxe look and decadent colors. Peacock blue and vibrant green look amazing together but the feathers even look great with shades of orange. Enjoy this peacock-inspired inspiration board!

Laura and Alison

Friday, February 12, 2010

South Beach Chic {Christine}

I designed my Coco Myles dress based on my dream wedding.
The setting…South Beach
The mood…Sexy South Beach Chic
My bridesmaid’s dresses are fun and flirty which reflects the fashionable beachfront hotel the wedding is being held at. Knowing that my guests will want to party and have a good time, the dresses need to be light weight.

Let me set the tone of the wedding for you. During a ceremony being held over the plexi-glassed pool, the warm wind of the ocean blew. Cocktail hour was held in a white curtain draped lobby where guests listened to live Latin music and smoked cigars rolled by a Miami native, guests reconvened by the pool to enjoy passed tapas and danced all night to the sounds of one of Miami’s best DJ’s. The color schemes of the wedding day mimic the Art Deco design of South Beach’s Ocean Drive.

So now you've seen all of our Coco Myles dresses and fantasy weddings to go with them. To recap, we have Alison's "Lavish, Lavish, Lavish," Laura's "In The Pink," Sara's Yellow Vision, Grace's "Autumn Fantasy," Amy's Orange Italian Riveria Vision and Christine's "South Beach Chic."

So let us know which is your favorite (you can vote just by commenting on your favorite post) and you'll be in the running to win a free Coco Myles dress of your very own! We will extend voting through Monday so everyone has time to read all of our fun posts and then we'll pick a winner on Tuesday morning. Happy voting!

What's That? You Want An Option That's Not So Ordinary, You Say?

Let's just say, if I had my chance at choosing bridesmaid dresses again I would definitely go BOLD. I can be a definitive extremist sometimes in my fashion style but for my own wedding, I had some trouble determining which color to put my ladies in. And I am certain, if you are a bride of a similar nature to myself, you carry a sassy bridal party with you which makes the decision that much harder.
I hear you, I hear you! The gowns out there to choose from are pretty, no doubt. But somewhere inside they just don't have quite enough, what's the word... PERSONALITY. So in keeping with the name of the game, here is my ultimate fairytale wedding!

First, think Amalfi Coast in Italy. Moving on from there, we have the rest of the details falling right into place from the invitations to the bridal jewels. Now, how could we possibly say no to these fabulous, one-of-a-kind gowns for your ladies?

{Click on the Inspiration Board below for larger view!}

Oh, and leave the traditional getaway cars for the traditional brides. Your getaway car... well, let's just say that we traded up...

Happy Planning!
Amy Lorraine

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Autumn Fantasy {Grace}

All photos Martha Stewart Weddings

Since Coco Myles dresses can also be beautiful wedding gowns, I have chosen to create a dream wedding dress!

Imagine an autumn wedding with the leaves slightly falling in rural, wine-country Virginia in the month of October. You booked the most beautiful outdoor wedding under a clear-top tent and all the candles are glimmering in the last few winks of sunlight. The autumn season nip-in-the-air is just cool enough as you take a deep breath in the crisp evening. Everything in your tent is covered with flowing flowers from the ceiling to the wall; as far as the eye can see, there are white roses. This is what you imagine heaven to be as you make your next steps down the aisle. Your bridesmaids are standing ahead smiling, some tearing up as you hold tightly to your bouquet of cascading stephanotis. As your husband-to-be smiles, it's everything you have hoped for because he is looking at you just as you have always imagined. Your sweetheart neckline, satin gown swishes like a bell along the petals on the ground as you approach your love. What a perfect day!

Your vision of the reception is everything you have dreamed. As your bridesmaids enter the room in their auburn-colored dresses tied ever so slightly in the back with a thin taffeta bow, you look ahead at the glowing centerpieces placed strategically over the rust-colored linens. The centerpieces are filled with dark orange and red calla lilies, dark green leaves, yellow sunflowers and long curly willow branches. From each branch hangs a small, dark yellow, flickering votive which sets the mood of the room to warm and romantic. You grab your husband's hand and approach the dance floor thinking of how much you love this day and how magical it is to sway around the room in your beautiful, perfect, wedding dress.


Bridal Event of the Year Rescheduled! {Engaged! Magazine}

For all you lovely brides out there hoping to score some face time with the major players of the DC wedding scene, today's your lucky day! The Engaged! Magazine Bridal Event of the Year has been rescheduled (due to the terrible snow storm last weekend) for Sunday, March 28th.

Make sure you check out the website for more details and to register if you haven't already! Find out more HERE.

Hope to see you there!
The Engaging Affairs Team

Pick ME! Pick ME! {Sara}

I KNOW, I know, I know. I am TERRIBLY uncreative. Well, you think my dress is at least. Especially given the fact that this dress is strikingly similar to the canary colored frock my very own bridesmaids donned just a few short months ago. And, this is SO upsetting to me because I desperately want you to vote for my Coco Myles dress as the best. So, let me paint the picture for you.

Different in every way from the DC wedding I planned for myself, I imagine an island celebration somewhere in the Pacific. Some may think of this as "the wedding I didn't have". Thirty guests, our closest and most dear, gather on a powdery beach before sunset (I think at sunset is so cliche) and the breeze coming off the ocean blows every lovely ladies hair in just the perfect way (how we all want to be photographed). And now the dresses. As you will notice from the above picture, yellow seems to look beautiful on everyone! Coupled with the fact that we are standing on a beach and given the loose flow of the fabric and beach appropriate length, I'd say we are all set!

And what, you would ask about, about being practical and choosing a dress that your bridesmaids can actually wear again? I give you the following as my appeal. Happy voting!


Wednesday, February 10, 2010

In the Pink {Laura}

Photo credits from top left. top row: Martha Stewart Weddings, MSW, Sophia sparkling wine, MSW

second row: all MSW
Bottom row: Jessica Peterson, Laura Hooper

My Coco Myles bridesmaids' dresses are fun, girly and flirty. Just like my pink Summer fantasy wedding! The tone-on-tone pink wedding features bridesmaids in two shades of pink carrying fabulous bouquets packed with roses and peonies in hues from blush to fuchsia. The bride's dress is even a pale pink!

This wedding is a little bit retro, a little bit vintage and very fun! I envision the June ceremony taking place in late afternoon in a rose garden with rows of fragrant blossoms followed by a reception in a white tent strung with pink paper lanterns. High and low cocktail tables are draped with white hemstiched linens and topped with a vintage pink glass bowl filled with white and pink blooms.

Since my favorite parts of any meal are the hors d'oeuvres and dessert, the reception will be cocktail-style. Guests will sip Sophia pink champagne and strawberry lemonade as they sample amazing hors doeuvres and small plates (all locally-sourced) then enjoy the elaborate dessert buffet (complete with pink cotton candy on sticks) and stunning pink fondant wedding cake. The 80s cover band The Breakfast Club will keep guests dancing late until the evening when a retro pink convertible whisks the bride and groom away! Ah--if only I could get married all over again!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Lavish, Lavish, Lavish {Alison}

Ask my sister Jackie what three words describe her dream wedding and she'll answer without hesitation: lavish, lavish, lavish (I know, technically that's one word three times, but what can I say? The girl has a vision).

My Coco Myles bridesmaid's dress and inspiration board are girly, romantic, and posh, just like J. Think couples in black-tie dancing the night away to a twelve piece band on a checkered dance floor with chandeliers twinkling overhead. And in the spirit of true decadence, my board features not one but two gorgeous cakes. What's more lavish than that?

Photo credits: cake (Martha Stewart Weddings), ring (Martha Stewart
Weddings), table setting (MSW), bouquet (MSW), car (Style Me Pretty), cake
(MSW), table setting (MSW), dress (Style Me Pretty)

Monday, February 8, 2010

Miss Now Mrs Winner!

So sorry ladies! With all the crazy snow and canceling bridal shows, I completely forgot to post the winner. The winner of the name changing gift card for Miss Now Mrs is Amanda. Amanda, shoot me and email with your mailing address and we will get you hooked up. Thanks for entering, everyone!

Coco Myles Giveaway!

We are so excited to announce our coolest giveaway yet! The fabulous bridesmaid dress designer, Coco Myles, has partnered with us to give one lucky Bridal Bubbly reader a free dress. You heard right. A free, custom-designed (by you) dress!

To make this giveaway even more fun and to show you the cool options that Coco Myles offers we have turned the giveaway into a bit of a contest for our team, as well. Each day this week, we will post a Coco Myles dress designed by one of us. Not only will we design a dress but we'll tell you about the wedding we envision for it. Then you will get the chance to vote on which "vision" and dress you like the most. We'll put everyone who votes into a drawing for the free dress and we'll pick a winner on Friday. Tell your bridesmaids, friends and mom to vote. Who wouldn't love a free dress?

So go check out the dresses at Coco Myles. You will love the fact that you can customize them plus the prices are great. Your girls will love you for picking a dress that won't break their wallet! I am crazy for the celebrity-inspired dresses but I also love that you can order ties for the groomsmen to match any dress fabric.

First up: Alison!

Friday, February 5, 2010

Let it Snow!

Photo courtesy of

Well, the snow is coming down hard in the D.C. area and I just made the mistake of "popping" by the grocery for bananas. Not my smartest move. An hour later . . .

I hope everyone gets home safely and enjoys a few snow days. I also hope that the brides that do have weddings over the weekend in this area don't have too many issues. My fingers are crossed for you!

Photo courtesy of

I do love the look of a bride in the snow. I love the episode of "Friends" where Phoebe gets married on the street after a blizzard.

Hope you enjoy these snow-inspired wedding images while you watch the snow fall. Have a great weekend everyone! Be sure to read the blog on Monday for our best giveaway yet. This is a GREAT one!

Photo courtesy of