Friday, June 28, 2013

All in Favor... Say 'Bride!'

What is it about a wedding favor that puts it at the top of a bride’s to-do list?  Simple. It’s a thank you combined with the couple’s own creative flair. I can’t see a better way to make your guests feel welcomed and show your appreciation, especially if they’ve traveled many miles. I’ve found it comforting and unique when couples give gifts that are not only useful, but also shed a light on the couple themselves. I find that the true gift is the personality of the couple, whether it be completely ridiculous and out-of-this-world, or more reserved and quiet.

I love these blankets and handkerchiefs for a chilly end of the summer wedding!  A wedding favor is a great way to tell your guests you’re happy they came…and please take a little bit of us home with you!  If you invest some time and thought into your favor, it will be something your guests use and remember how much fun they had with you on your big day!  

With crab season among us, I love this display!  How much fun (and delicious) would this be for a rehearsal dinner!  

Keeping your favor as something "local" is always a fun idea too!  Love these lobster crackers for a Northeastern wedding or from a Northeastern couple!  

 Honey well wishes and rosemary infused olive oil are gifts I would love to receive as a guest!

When it comes to these favors it’s okay to think outside the box…of mints! Think about your story. Where did you meet? How did you meet? Is there something funny involved? Asking yourself questions like these can spark creative ideas for favors that connect you with your guests in more ways than you thought. Keep an open mind!

If there’s one thing I’ve learned through my experience so far, it’s that guests like seeing your personality in every aspect of your wedding. So make sure the favors are personal, too! It’s a small token of the day. Don’t stress about it, it could end up being your favor-ite part! J


Intern Erica