Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Photobooth Fun!

At this past weekend's wedding, we had a very long cocktail hour with which to contend. Since the reception was at the family home/horse farm, we were able to set up croquet and boccie ball on the lawn to amuse people. But perhaps the biggest hit was the photo booth from PoshBooth!

I think photo booths are just the right mix of kitsch and fun at a wedding. Guests love goofing around and taking home silly shots but photo booths are also the perfect alternative to the traditional guestbook. I'm not a big fan of the "sign your name on the dotted line" guest books of old. I don't know any couple who curls up by the fire to read through a list of names after their wedding. Snooze.

But a scrapbook filled with fun photos of your friends and messages they have written next to them is a different story. The folks from PoshBooth are so nice, the photo booths look great and are easy to use (which is helpful after a few cocktails) and don't take up tons of space, and their packages are reasonable. So if you're looking to sidestep the boring guestbook, entertain your guests and provide fun take-away gifts, look no further!