Tuesday, June 15, 2010

A Family Tribute with an ECO flair

My May was stocked full of amazing events.  May 15th was no exception.  I met Danielle and Ken in January of 2009.  I loved them at "hello".  Ken is from Philly, so we quickly bonded over the Eagles and Danielle was just so darn cool!  She knew exactly what she wanted and it was so unique and uncharted, that I couldn't wait to jump in.

The venue, 101 Constitution Ave, Rooftop.  The caterer, Charlie Palmer's of course!  The concept, a produce market.  I quickly found out the bride was the product of two supermarket families from the north, Pathmark, which I have fond memories of from my childhood in NJ, and Food Emporium in NY. Danielle wanted everything we used for the wedding to be reused by her guests, and they all literally ate it up!

Given the location, a lot of decor is not necessary.  The Capitol Dome in the background presents the greatest focal point of all.  Together, we created the bright, lushness or a produce market under the tent and on each of the guest tables.  My favorite piece, a flowers and food cart, similar to those seen on NYC street corners or at DC Metro entrances, that greeted guests as they stepped outside the elevators onto the rooftop.  At the end of the evening, brown paper bags were left on guests chairs and by the cart so everyone could take the fresh flowers, fruits, veggies and herbs, they didn't already consume, home with them.

This wedding shouted personality everywhere you turned.  The day started with a triathlon that ended in the popular college game Beirut, or beer pong, at the reception itself.  All players were given shirts with the couple's logo on it and the theme carried through to the glasses and ping pong balls used late Saturday evening.  Another treat, one of the very talented bridesmaids, serenaded the bride like she did back in college with an amazing rendition of "Lean on Me". 

Guests from up and down the east coast and some from the west celebrated until 1am and I'm pretty sure they could have kept going.

Danielle and Ken, thank you so much for making me a part of your big day!


Thank you to all the amazing vendors who worked on this event.
Justine Ungaro Photography
Capital Decor Events
Jared Rosen through Bialek's Music
Paul Tewksbury, Guitarist
Charlie Palmer's
Pattie Martin Makeup
Olga Carballo Hair