Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Gilded Bee Winner!

Congratulations to Sharon Yep for winning the Gilded Bee gift certificate!  Hooray!!

A Steal on Fab Bags {Davie and Chiyo}

My friend J has a handbag problem. Addiction might be a better word. In a city where walk-in closets are the stuff of fantasy, Jules has one closet just for bags. Now as someone who struggles with a serious (cupcake) addiction herself, I'm not one to judge. But J's boyfriend might stage some sort of revolt if she comes home with another handbag. So for the sake of their relationship, I considered not even posting this next giveaway, a 30% discount at fabulous clutch designer Davie and Chiyo. But here's the thing.

The clutches are so. Freaking. Cute. I'm currently digging the Darling Tuxedo in creamy black, and Laura could design a whole wedding around this Chiffon Ruffle. 

Whatever your favorite, this giveaway is just too good to pass up (sorry, J's boyfriend-- maybe you can start keeping your clothes in the bathtub?). So read this fab interview with Fumi and Himi Bull, the sisters and creative minds behind Davie and Chiyo, and then head on over to the company's etsy store, where Bridal Bubbly readers get 30% off during the month of July. The discount code is BUBBLY30. Cheers!


What is your design background?
We don’t actually have any formal design training. We grew up sewing and have always been drawn to handmade designs. 
How would you define your style?
Our style is definitely very feminine but also clean and polished. We like our clutches to look effortless and not over-worked. We believe that simplicity speaks volumes, so although we have intricate designs like the Tiered Rose clutch, the smoothness of the silk charmeuse fabric balances the design to make the whole look effortless and elegant.
What inspires your work?
We are inspired by of-the-moment fashion trends but also classic designs. We draw a lot of inspiration from our customers as they often have great ideas for custom clutch designs.
What is your favorite (at the moment) product in your line?
We're loving the new Garden Party Bow clutch. It's a new addition to our line for the summer and plays off the feminine florals that we're seeing a lot of today. It's a really great piece because it's so versatile - it can go from a wedding to Sunday brunch. 
What trends do you see in color, pattern, or texture? 
Ultra-femme - florals, pastels, frills, bows, lace and ruffles. Delicate, airy fabrics also add a touch of whimsy. On the other hand, we've also seen dark, rich colours that will make a great transition into fall - navy, chocolate, eggplant, forest green and crimson. Nudes and neutrals are classic and add some dimension to an all white wedding. 

What would you consider must have items for a bride to tuck inside her clutch?
A good lipgloss or lipstick - a bride is constantly being photographed and a bright smile really makes for a great picture.

How to contact Davie and Chiyo: 
Etsy store: http://www.etsy.com/shop/DavieandChiyo 
Web site: http://davieandchiyo.com/shop/index.php
Facebook: www.facebook.com/pages/Davie-Chiyo/110897153216
Twitter: twitter.com/davieandchiyo

MissNowMrs giveaway!

Whether a woman takes her spouse's last name upon marriage is a very personal decision. But for those brides who do opt to change their names, that personal decision is the start of a complicated process. Luckily, MissNowMrs is here to help. The online company estimates that it saves clients thirteen hours of paperwork stress-- and happily, those clients now include same-sex couples with certified marriage certificates. 

Here's how it works: after filling out a questionnaire that is specific to your state and situation, MissNowMrs automatically fills out all necessary forms with your information, and then allows you to print out those forms along with a handy dandy instruction sheet. It's that easy.
And now for one lucky Bridal Bubbly reader, it's that free. That's right-- today's giveaway is a gift card for one MissNowMrs premier name change package! To enter for a chance to win, email weddings@engagingaffairs.com with MissNowMrs in the subject line. The gift card itself can be made out to whoever the winner chooses, so if someone close to you is getting married, this makes a great gift. Good luck!