Monday, August 1, 2011

Wedding Love- Colors and Details

Ask anyone, I say time and again the best part of my job is that each wedding I do is about the specific couple and shows their own style and personality.  Rebecca and Jeff were no different.  We started with the Hotel Monaco is DC.  I have much love for the wonderful Buddee Clinton there.

Becca and Jeff had a very close and person hand at creating every detail from each word of their ceremony to the home made favors Becca baked the week of the wedding.  The array of bright colors used everywhere mimicked the energy of the weekend.

One of their favorite parts of the hotel besides it's comfortable, intimate feel, was the catering aspect and how important locally grown ingredients are to the menu.  Buddee and Chef helped Becca go one step further sourcing additional ingredients locally and we made sure this was noted to the guests on their menu cards.

Special thank you to Lisa Sprites of Sprites INK! who worked tirelessly with Becca on all the finishing touch printed details that helped put Rebecca and Jeff's seal on their big day,

Thank you to John Duffy of Yellow Door for creating my favorite bouquet of all time, Greg Gibson for the amazing pictures, Fancy Cakes by Leslie, Kendall's Cakes and Raggs and the All Stars for keeping the dance floor packed.