Monday, July 9, 2012

Cooling Off!

Melissa Schollaert Photography via Southern Weddings

If you've been anywhere in the Mid-Atlantic or South this past week, you'll understand this post on surviving hot weather weddings. It has been brutal. So if you're planning a wedding in the summer and get stuck with record high temperatures, be sure to think of your guests and provide some relief in the form of water, shade (canopies or parasols), cool towels, and fans.

Personalized water bottles on ice are a cute way to keep guests from swooning!

Have waiters pass cool towels on silver trays. A lovely touch!

Natlie Moser via TrendsettingWedding 

The all-important shade!

Fans will keep you cool and offering guests sunglasses to protect them from the blaring sun will make them look even cuter!

And, lastly, what better way to really cool down than with popsicles?

I know we've plugged popsicles recently but with temps reaching over 100 degrees for a week, we can't help but think of them again.  Hope everyone enjoys the cooler weather today and stays chill this week! Happy Monday!