Friday, July 17, 2009

Eastern Shore extravaganza!

The unfashionable June rain has now long since past. For many, it is a distant memory. For a handful of my brides, it was a looming curse that could have ruined their perfect day. But, it didn't. I don't profess to control the weather, but after my almost brush with a storm back in May, you may remember I chronicled Nicole and Nick's outdoor nuptials at the Mandarin Oriental, I thought my luck must have been up. I was wrong!

On Friday, June 19th I headed out to Easton, Maryland for the wedding of Laura and Ben. The event was taking place on Ben's family property that boasted a natural grove and aisle lined by trees and shrubs for the ceremony, expansive property for guests to roam during cocktails and a perfect nook for a tent to be set in the space between the water and the pool. This particular week it rained EVERY day EXCEPT Friday, it was absolutely perfect, and Saturday wasn't looking positive. Although the tents had been erected before the rain, the wind was so bad that there was huge concern about the puddles that had formed under the reception tent. Luckily, Friday was nice enough to dry them out. I arrived at the home for the rehearsal on Friday and everyone was talking about getting everything going that day. Only minor details kept us from changing the date. We got through the rehearsal with positive spirits and I told them all would be fine. When you have a rain plan, it usually is.

Fast forward to next next morning when I woke up and it was dreary and dreadful outside. And then, it started raining. With an outdoor wedding, the focus them becomes, "I don't care if it's raining now, it will stop. But what will the ground conditions be like for the guests?" I wouldn't know until I got to the property. By the time I got over these, black dress complete with black galoshes, the rain was misting away. The property was,not terrible, it would be important for my assistants to direct guests to walk in a certain direction when they arrives to avoid the large puddles. The flip flops the bride was providing guests with anyway were a big help.

I decided to call the ceremony for outside. Once all the chairs were in place and we had an hour to go, we got our last shower, lasting about 5 minutes. The rest, is history. The skies opened up, the sun came out and everything was beautiful. The horrible humidity we could have had coming off the water was nowhere to be found. The breeze was cool and refreshing and the party lasted to the wee hours of the morning.

I would be holding out on you if I didn't mention the fabulous details that made this wedding special or the amazing vendors who helped make it all possible. The event was made comfortable and casual not only by the setting but by the personal touches the bride and groom incorporated. Guests found their way to their seats by checking the giant chalk board outside the tent for their assignments. Towards one end of the tent, provided by Sugarplum Tent Company, a clothes line held pictures of the bride and groom and their families, old and new. Guests were seated at long tables that allowed for the fun family style cuisine, catered by Beth Hughes, to be passed down the line. The tables were set in crisp natural colors with linens and settings from DC Rentals. Phyllis and her crew from The Enchanted Florist completed the look with wildflowers and greens running down the center of the table in eclectic mason jars and funky little containers.

Earlier in the evening John Knudon and his string group entertained guests during the ceremony and cocktails and Gonzo's Nose took it home all night long. After a heartfelt speech, the bride presented the groom with a custom cake from Fancy Cakes by Leslie of the green Hulk Fists and a handful of comics. Before the sun went down, the couple, followed by their guests made their way over to the peacock pinata the two had crafted and broke it open for their everyone to enjoy. The night was made complete with festive sparklers and a bonfire by the water for guests to make s'mores. Thank you to Mary Gardella of Love Life Images for capturing all the fun.

This wedding was full of personality and fun. Thank you Ben and Laura for making it exactly what you wanted!