Friday, April 3, 2009

Fluffy Thoughts

Today we had a real treat--a cake tasting! What a better way to end the week than with a total sugar rush, right? And this was an amazing cake tasting, let me tell you.

Sara and I met with baker and artists extraordinaire Lara Stuckey from Fluffy Thoughts Cakes and were so impressed by her amazing designs and delicious cake. She set up the tasting so that we could create our own flavor combinations by mixing cake, fillings and icings. It was so much fun! Instead of just being offered the usual combinations, we were able to try unusual flavor combos and create our own signature cake. You would never imagine that white chocolate cake, green tea butter cream and blackberry butter cream would be so fabulous!

Sara's favorite was the red velvet cake with chocolate ganache, chocolate crunchies and cream cheese icing. Lara's red velvet is a true red velvet cake, which means it actually is a chocolate buttermilk cake with red coloring. Don't be fooled by someone putting red coloring in a plain cake and calling it red velvet!
I was torn between the white chocolate with passion fruit filling and coconut icing and any flavor with the lemon butter cream. I also loved the exotic rose water icing, and it reminded me of traveling in the Middle East. But, truly, all of the flavors were delicious, from the classic almond cake to the pineapple curd to the blackberry icing to the caramel filling.

Not only do Lara's cakes taste wonderful, they are real works of art. She has worked and studied under several top cake designers but a lot of her technique is self-taught. Her cherry blossom design is amazing and she does the most adorable cherry blossom cupcakes, as well. Perfect for this time of year in D.C.! I also love her whimsical jellybean cake. Lara uses color beautifully and her cakes look absolutely opulent.

If you are looking for a gorgeous cake that tastes amazing, be sure to check out Fluffy Thoughts Cakes. I can tell that she is going to fast become one of our favorites!