Thursday, May 6, 2010

Pooches in the Wedding Party

What is the famous quote about working with children and animals? Well, we've worked with plenty of both and often the dogs are easier than the small children! Just a couple of weeks ago, my wedding had the couple's fabulous dog, George, in the processional and he was a dream to work with. If only all my bridal parties were as well-behaved as George! (George is not the puppy pictured above. That adorable pooch was in one of Amy's weddings last year!)

Here are a few tips if you plan to include a favorite canine in your wedding:

-Have a designated person to take care of the dog on-site. This person should be familiar with the dog and be equipped with treats and any "equipment" needed for bathroom runs. If the dog will be there while everyone is getting ready, make sure the person isn't one of the people getting ready.

-Bring any water/food bowls, food, treats or familiar toys.

-Consider just having the dog "drop by" if having him around the whole day is too much.

-If your dog is jumpy, don't let him around the bridal party once you are dressed or you may end up with torn stockings or paw prints on your dress. Not pretty!

-Consider a floral collar or leash if your dog is part of the processional. But don't sweat it if he tries to eat it or shake it off. He will be cute enough without it!

-Have your dog groomed before the wedding so he is looking his best. After all, everyone else is getting their hair done!

-Make sure your photographer knows you want some photos with your dog.

-Make sure you have plans for your dog after his "performance" is over. Arrange for him to be taken home or have a room for him. Don't let him run free at the reception. Not all your guests may love dogs as much as you do.

Have fun!