Friday, November 16, 2012

Things I Remember...

At some point in the last two years I did my 100th wedding.  I cannot believe it.  I feel like I should have realized or marked the date.  I should have been on the look out for that big 100, who was supposed to plan the bells and whistles and the confetti shooter?  Alas, I guess I am the planner and I missed that opportunity.

In thinking back, it is funny the things you remember.  Very specifically, I remember overhearing remarks from two of my brides, and every time I think about them, I can hear their voices speaking the words.  Of course, I will indulge you...

Upon walking back up the aisle with her new husband, in an air of disbelief but joy and excitement,

"Oh my God, what did we just do!"- Laurie Rubin/Romanoff, 2007

Coming up behind her groom for their first look, in all seriousness,

"I'm coming Dominiqe, you better be ready."- Ashley Manning/Foxworth, 2010

Thank you ladies for the memories.