Friday, August 20, 2010

Beat the Heat {Tips for Hot Weather Weddings}!

Since here in D.C. we've had a sweltering summer, we thought we'd share some fun tips for keeping your parties cool.

- Cool towels soaked in lemon or cucumber water offered to arriving guests. Waiters with rolled up cool towels on silver trays is such a deluxe way to welcome hot guests to an outdoor party.

- Likewise, pass cool drinks right off the bat so guests don't have to wait in line to cool off. Something refreshing like rosemary lemonade or flavored sparkling water can be offered along with champagne, mojitos or mint juleps.

- Fans. Lots of fans. Big ones. Especially under tents but even outside.

-If guests will be sitting for a ceremony, consider offering parasols (if people will be in direct sun) and paper fans (your programs can even double as fans if you get the old-fashioned wooden paddle kind).  The parasols make for great photos!

-If it's hot it's probably sunny.  Put sunscreen towelettes in the restrooms for guests so you won't have anyone taking home a sunburn as a souvenir. 

- Ice, ice everywhere. Try bug silver buckets of ice filled with champagne bottles as a decor element. Just the visual of so much ice will cool people down!

- Keep the lights low and the colors cool. A bright room full of vibrant reds and oranges does not keep the heat in check.  Think dimmed lights and cool colors like blues, greens and lavender. 

- Serve lighter fare. Don't load guests up with hot, heavy food when it's equally hot outdoors.  Chilled soup shooters, watermelon and feta skewers and crab salad on cucumber rounds are some of my favorite hot weather nibbles.

- A cool treat to pass around the dance floor. We've done mini ice cream sandwiches, milkshake shooters, snow-cones and itty-bitty ice cream cones.  These are a great way to cool off hot dancers!

- Something cool for the road.  Give departing guests cold bottled water to go.

Stay cool everyone!