Thursday, December 30, 2010

Relaunch Redux {Anne Michelle Heirloom}

I like guessing what models are thinking based on their expressions in photos. When this picture was taken, I wonder if the model wasn't plotting a way to leave the photo shoot still wearing the birdcage veil, based on her slightly sneaky expression. Who could blame her? Hair accessories by Anne Michelle Heirloom are highly covetable-- just ask all the readers who entered to win the above veil during this summer's Bridal Bubbly giveaway!

Thanks so much to Anne for her beautiful contribution to our blog relaunch. There are more samples of her gorgeous creations below, and be sure to check out her Etsy shop for the rest!

Relaunch Redux {Olio Designs}

Seriously, people: the holiday season on Etsy is AMAZING. Behold, seasonal lollipop wrappers from Olio Designs...

If this display of festive deliciousness looks familiar, it's probably because Meg at Olio Designs gave away fifty equally fetching lollipop wrappers during Bridal Bubbly's relaunch. Thanks, Meg! Now, I leave you, our readers, with three words: Rudolph. Cupcake. Toppers.