Friday, May 18, 2012

Sugarplum Tents {Vendor Love}

We have been working with Davis Richardson and his team at Sugarplum Tents for over 15 years and they are one of our "dream team" vendors. Davis knows so much about tenting and always goes the extra mile to make sure events run perfectly. I've had Davis personally stay on-site for an entire wedding just to make sure that everything is flawless. Not many company owners do that!

Sugarplum has set up tents for us on horse farms, in back yards, on super yachts (on of our most memorable events, especially when it monsooned!) and everywhere in between.  He knows what type of tent works in what space and how to get the job done with the least damage to landscaping.

I love his clear span tents (check out the one at the Gaylord National Riverview Terrace in the two photos above) and also the new sailcloth tents he has.  Sugarplum can also add fabric liners, twinkle lights, dance floors and staging.

Thanks Davis and Sugarplum for always making out tented events look spectacular!