Thursday, October 20, 2011

Croquembouche {French Wedding Cake}

Yesterday I had the pleasure of spending time with the delightful Alison DeWit of Distinctive Floral Designs. Although Alison creates floral designs and not pastry, she shared with me a hilarious story of a collapsing croquembouche at a wedding, which got me thinking about the classic French dessert.

I've had many croquembouches at weddings. Some were the primary cake and some were a part of a larger dessert display.  Technically speaking, it is a high cone of profiteroles that can be dipped in chocolate or caramel and bound with caramel then decorated with threads of caramel, spun sugar or chocolate.

They aren't simple to construct but when they are done properly, they're stunning. If they're not done properly, well, you'll have to ask Alison!