Monday, January 5, 2009

And the Planning Begins!

Let me start off by saying thank to all the vendors, brides and mothers of brides, both past and present, who have sent well wishes and offers to plan my wedding. This is why I consider myself so lucky. I do something I absolutely LOVE and get to work with the most fabulous people.

So, it seems I am now planing my own wedding. I guess I had to experience it to believe it, but I was astonished that people I called to tell the evening that it happened, actually asked me if we picked the date! We have been engaged two hours people! Anyway, now I know how all you feel and why you call me the next day! But first thing's first.

I was lucky that my man actually surprised me. After !#*!? years together I figured there was no way. But he did. Check it out. I think this is when it all hit me what was going on.

If you can't tell, he surprised me on the rooftop of the Hay Adams. So we decided we'd wait until after New Years to start planning and here we are.
It would be easy enough for me to implement all the ideas I have, but I understand now I have other people's feelings to consider. So, it all begins and I figured, I may as well chronicle the planning as, for my benefit, it will be interesting to read back through, and will hopefully help some of you. I will also get to talk about all the fabulous people I will get to work with. So, stay tuned! It should be an exciting ride.