Thursday, August 11, 2011

The Fall Season is Upon us!

So the title of this blog means two things.  In my world, wedding season take two is about to erupt.  In the real world, also one I try to play in: Football.  Thank GOODness fellow planner Amanda has a healthy football obsession as well.  We were thrilled at the news just a few weeks ago that our Sunday post-wedding indulgence would once again commence.  And while it is only August 11th, it is Thursday night and tonight marks the start of the preseason.

So, what does this have to do with weddings?  You mean it's not cool enough to be able to share with your man that your wedding planners would be happy to trash talk with him and play Monday morning quarterback?  Well, I do have a wedding to share with you today.  One that was just over a year ago and adds to the things near and dear to my heart.

Ashley and Domonique were married at the University of Maryland Chapel last Fourth of July weekend.  The couple, who had met at Maryland as undergrads, always pictured coming back to the campus to tie the knot.  This happened to be the first proposal I was also involved in as I helped Domonique, who played cornerback for the Terps, propose in the same place where he first saw Ashley on campus.

I remember hearing Ashley's words to Domonique as she walked towards him, his back turned, for their first look, "I'm coming Domonique, you better be ready".

The two were surrounded by family and friends at the Memorial Chapel followed by a celebration at the Samuel Riggs IV Alumni Center.  Ashley and Domonique took a walk through campus to reminisce before joining the festivities.

So, to tie back in to Football and my excitement about this evening, the two teams playing only play each other about every four years- in season play.  They also happen to be my two favorite teams, the Eagles- my home team and the Ravens- my husband's home team.  Once again, Miss Amanda and her beau share the same allegiance to these two teams.  And the final spin, Domonique plays for the team that is NOT my home team.  So, while I know it is only pre season play, who will I be cheering for?  Let's just say I'll be rooting for the birds...


Thank you to all the amazing vendors who worked on this wedding!
Mary Gardella, Love Life Images
Sarah Gallo, Design Cuisine
Digital Lightning
Bill Enright, Edge Floral
Hitched Bridal