Thursday, May 13, 2010

Wedding Treats as American as Apple Pie

I know this is not a pressing issue or even one that merits lengthy debate in the wedding world, but I miss apple pie and chocolate chip cookies. Not apple tartin or apple crepes. Regular old apple pie.

The last few restaurants I've been to have had dessert menus that feature culinary delights that are infused with lavender foam or are deconstructed or are topped with sugar cages. All lovely and adventurous options, I'll admit. But none are what I'd call comforting. I love Blue Duck Tavern in D.C. as much for its apple pie and tin of sugar cookies as anything else. The rest of the menu is amazing but, let's face it, I'm really there for the desserts.

I miss apple pie and peach cobbler. Chocolate chip cookies and warm brownies. Real wholesome desserts that make you want to lick the plate, not take a picture of the impressive presentation. Now, don't get me wrong. I can appreciate a cherry blossom branch made out of chocolate and spun sugar that looks like a bride and groom but I don't get cravings for them.

I did a wedding not too long ago where the bride served peach cobbler on her dessert buffet and the guests couldn't get enough of it. Forget the truffles and petit fours. These black-tie guests were happily chowing down on huge bowls of cobbler. And when we serve warm cookies and shots of milk at weddings, it is always a huge hit!

So when you're thinking about dessert at your wedding, think about what you really crave and love. I even had a bride do funnel cakes and cotton candy for her wedding dessert last year and people went nuts for it. Remember that formal and elegant can also be fun and seriously yummy!

What fabulous sweets are you planning to have at your wedding?