Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Vendor Spotlight: Sugarplum Tents

At Engaging Affairs, we use lots of different vendors and take pride in matching them to each bride's style and budget. We do have certain companies, though, whom we've worked with for well over a decade and who feel more like family than colleagues.

Sugarplum Tents is one of those companies. I've been using Davis Richardson and his team since I started Engaging Affairs nearly fifteen years ago. He has put up tents for me on farms in Virginia, the waterside at the Eastern Shore, the dock at Washington Harbor, historic homes in Georgetown, a client's super yacht and just about everything in between.

What I love about Davis is his patience and professionalism. He and his team know their stuff. Not only are their tents always amazing but they make sure that it is right, even if it means coming back out in the middle of the night or doing yet another sight visit to a client's home.

Just recently, we had back-to-back home weddings in Potomac. The first weekend, it poured buckets and Davis stayed on-site for the entire wedding to make sure that guests were dry (they were). The next week, we were back at it again. This time, we were fearful of rain again so Davis made multiple trips to the client's home to remeasure for additional tenting. Luckily, it didn't rain but that was probably because we were so prepared!

A huge thanks to Davis, Barbi, Nicole, Courtney and the entire team at Sugarplum for going above and beyond! You guys are the best!