Tuesday, August 17, 2010

(Chocolate) Diamonds are a Bride's Best Friends {Chocolatier Goossens}

Are you a chocoholic who's looking for something really unique as a wedding favor? We just have to share our latest sweet find: unbelievably delicious chocolates made in the shape of diamonds from Goossens Chocolatier!  Not only are the chocolates intricate and gorgeous (they really do look like a multifaceted diamond and even glitter like one), they are sinfully rich and velvety.   We devoured the sample box in about two seconds and wanted more!

The diamonds are filled with rich chocolate ganache and coated with crystallized sugar (the outside of the chocolate is white) and are made in Belgium and flown over to the U.S. (or anywhere you'd like).  The box with three diamonds is a perfect favor or part of really fabulous welcome bags!  They also have heart-shaped chocolates in milk and dark. Gorgeous and delicious!