Thursday, July 29, 2010

A Sweet Inspiration Board

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We put this board together as inspiration for those who love the bright candy colors of summer (or who just love candy)! We did a great wedding a few years ago with a candy theme and it was so much fun! Candy-flavored martinis rimmed with Pop-Rocks and crushed lemon drops, an elaborate candy store display and desserts passed on lollipop sticks.

Even if you don't have a sweet tooth, these fun colors can be great for summer weddings.  We've always loved mixing orange and pink with bright yellow. These colors are so perfect for the sunny days of July and August.  We also love the melon shades of these bridesmaids' dresses. So fun and flirty. We hope you enjoy this fun inspiration!

Ruby Feather giveaway!

I once overheard a bride gush to her friend that she'd fallen in love with a gorgeous "Oscar de la Hoya" dress on sample sale. This girl was so sweet and genuinely excited,  I just didn't have the heart to correct her. (Besides, maybe legendary boxer de la Hoya does design wedding dresses on the side. I don't know his life.) 

The point is, you hear a lot of funny things in this business. When I asked another bride if she would be wearing a veil on her wedding day, she replied, " Obviously. Without a veil you're just a girl in a white prom dress." It's an interesting theory, right? Personally though, I'd be more inclined to believe the gender flipside: that without a boutonniere, the groom is just a guy in a tux. 

Boutonnieres add instant style and pizazz to a wedding. And unlike bouquets, which are almost always made of flowers, bouts give you the opportunity to think a bit more outside the box. 

Ruby Feather thinks outside the box. Her designs are show stoppers unto themselves: colorful, charming, and perfectly executed. Using artificial blooms can be tricky, but Ruby pulls it off each time, and the happy client is left with a memento of their wedding that will last a lifetime. (Also, the wedding planner in me loves that her boutonnieres won't sag, droop, or break at the stem at any point during the day.)

Before we get to today's truly phenomenal giveaway, we wanted to you be able to hear from
the creative mind behind Rubyfeather, Rebecca Singleton. 

How did you start your business?
I've always been making things and being crafty! Ever since I was very young. I had made some wedding boutonniere a hair pieces for a friend and just decided to set up an etsy shop to see how it would go. It all took off from there! I love seeing the orders come in and seeing what new adventure you have ahead for you with colors and fabrics, etc! It's so much fun!

What inspires you?
All the other crafters on Etsy!!! They are amazing. I love anything handmade - that someone put so much hard work and effort into something for you to love, It just makes it all the better.
I love when I put 2 colours together and it just works!!! And of course nature. Who couldn't be inspired by nature!

How would you define your style?
I love the vintage styles and all things antique and retro. I like my crafts to stand out and look unusual or different. Why would you want to look like everyone else?!

What is your favorite color combination for weddings?
I'm currently working on boutonnieres for a client with beautiful purple and blues with some silver and they are looking amazing, but really and truly it's nice to work with a variety of colors. Sometimes I have some crazy bouts with orange and pink and green and a week later I might be working on ivory and gold. I enjoy the variety.

What do you like most about designing for brides?
Being part of their wedding day. Customers put their trust in you to come up with something that will add to the whole look of their wedding and that is really satisfying. I like that they have something handmade and almost like a keepsake of their special day. It's like love has gone into the item already before it even gets there!

What would be one piece of advice you'd give a bride? 
Go for something different. I think so many people just do the same as everyone else and it's nice for guests to look back and remember something unusual or different from the day. There may be things that they have in their head and they think, "Nah - that's too crazy."  Do it!!!!

Thanks, Ruby! Today's giveaway winner will get five custom wedding boutonnieres, compliments of Ruby Feather. How great is that?! To enter to win, just email us at with Ruby Feather in the subject line. Good luck!

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Olio Designs Winner!

The winner of the 50 custom lollipops from Olio Designs is Sara Raffel.  Congratulations, Sara!  Shoot us an email and we'll hook you up!  Thanks to everyone for entering.  Another great giveaway in about an hour--hooray!