Friday, May 6, 2011

Greg Gibson Photography {Top 10 Wedding Photographer!}

Greg Gibson, one of our very favorite photographers (and, come to think of it, just one of our all-around favorite people), was just named one of the Top 10 Wedding Photographers by American Photo Magazine!  This is a pretty cool honor and Greg is the only photographer in D.C. named to this year's list. 

You might know Greg from the amazing weddings he's shot for us that have appeared here on our blog but Greg was a White House photographer for years, winning two Pulitzer Prizes, before turning his considerable talent to documenting weddings.

I love what Greg says on his blog about his experience shooting weddings: 

One thing I have learned in the past eight years is that as a wedding photographer, I can have a tremendous impact on the lives of my clients. While we may not bring about mass social change, stop wars, or put an end to starvation in Africa, wedding photography can have the same kind of impact on a smaller scale within a family just as those types of images impact society.

As a documentary photographer, I am trying to provide my clients with more than just pretty pictures. I am trying to provide them with a legacy and heirloom that will outlast their lives here and can be passed down through their family for generations. 

Congratulations to Greg for this well-deserved honor. And for couples looking for an amazing photographer with an eye for moments and an easy-going, fun personality, look no further. Greg Gibson will blow you away!

Here are some of our  favorite images from weddings he's shot for us over the years. Enjoy!

All photos by Greg Gibson (or his assistant if he is in the photo)!