Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Dad's Speech, Listen Closely

We've all heard them. Well, we've heard them begin. Very often, we also hear the last few lines asking us to raise a glass in toast to his daughter and new son. I for sure, have heard my fair share. Some have brought me to tears, others have made me laugh out loud and still others have caused me to walk out of the room and grab a drink :) The art of crafting the perfect welcome/toast to the couple that will appeal to both family and friends is one that does not come easily to all. So what's the secret? A creative writing class? Revisions by the bride or mother of the bride? Who can help our dads?

This past weekend, I had the great joy of working with the Williams family for the second time. Andi and Aldred gave away their youngest daughter Lauren to Malik in great style and I would have expected nothing less. When I first worked with the family almost 4 years ago, I noted the very sentimental speech Aldred gave in honor of middle daughter Devon when she married Adam. I was impressed. I've heard many tributes from dad since then and after this past weekends' words, I found it so necessary to post a few heartfelt excerpts for a chuckle and a sigh.

The road to this union was not without drama
Sometimes there's disagreements and mental trauma
I tried to warn him what's it all about
Let him see after 40 years of marriage, my Creole
Woman still dogs me out.
Malik is not Brazilian, Native Indian or Welsh..
He used to be somebody but now he's somebody else

When he purchases that 72 inch, flat screen HD
Television....fully enhanced
It won't be to watch Kobe and Labron but
....So You Think You Can Dance.

A few days before the wedding
I brought a new grill
But could not put it together
Because I was ill
I asked Malik if he was up to the task
He said sure Doc why do you even ask
After 5 hours of struggle
And with my deck in disarray
Lauren peaked in to save the day
She didn't turn to her father to take a knowledgeable
She got her Mom who really wears the pants

This was an exercise in training
For life after the weddin
You see Lauren will become Ophra and Malik will become Steadman!

I remember when she was a little girl not that long ago
Lauren and I entered in the annual German kite show.
Her bight shiny eyes were huge with glee
As our kite soared the highest as everyone could see

It was at that moment I realized a monumental thrill
And just knew Lauren would always be my baby girl

We won the contest that day and I was on cloud nine
Little did I know that in the future she would find

A man who could make her feel comparable joy
You know what....I should have had a damn boy.

Aldred, thank you for letting me share your words. I know how much time you put into creating the perfect toast to Lauren and Malik. (Some say the process may have begun before the engagement). Stay tuned for pictures from Lauren and Malik's wedding at the Hotel Monaco in DC