Monday, December 10, 2012

The Full M-O-N-T-E

I was lucky enough to get to join my old friend Monte Durham recently for a small product preview party of his new hair care line. You might know Monte from his "Say Yes to the Dress Atlanta" fame but I know him as the top wedding day hairstylist I used for the better part of a decade here in D.C.

Monte may know plenty about wedding gowns but he also knows tons about hair having spent years behind the stylists' chair at Elizabeth Arden and then his own salon at The Greenbriar. Despite his diva persona, he's never been much for fussiness when it comes to hair or hair product so I love that he's come out with his own streamlined products. Only five products to take care of all your hair needs. Right up my hair slacker/low maintenance alley!

“The biggest challenge was working with chemists and choosing the products. I tested shampoos and hair conditioners. I wanted to use every one of the products myself. I kept saying, I need a quarter of this or of that.” Finally, pleased what was inside the bottles delivered exactly what was promised, Monte put his seal of approval on his newest enterprise.

Saturday, Dec. 15, and Sunday, Dec. 16, Monte will launch his luxury brand at the Perfect Image retail shop inside The Greenbrier resort. He will introduce trial-size and 8-ounce bottles of M-- moisturizing shampoo, O--one-step conditioner, N--natural root lift, T--taming balm, and E--ever hold hairspray.

I've been using my sample sizes of the M-O-N-T-E products and I have to say they smell amazing and make my hair feel fabulous. And I love the lack of parabens and yucky ingredients.

TLC will sell M-O-N-T-E products online until Feb. 1 at His line will remain exclusive to The Greenbrier and throughout the United States at other high-end resorts and department stores.