Saturday, May 9, 2009

Punk Rock Bride!

I love supporting new businesses. Especially local ones run by two women as fun as Meredith and Stephanie of Punk Rock Bride. Punk Rock Bride is a boutique wedding dress business that features dresses for a bride who might want something less traditional and fussy than your average dress, while still maintaining a high level of design and detail.
My assistant, Maeve, and I had such a fun time on Friday hanging out with Meredith and Stephanie in their Georgetown showroom and checking out the fabulous dresses from the two Punk Rock Bride wedding dress collections. What I really love about the dresses that designer Stephanie has debuted is that none of them are overwhelming or over-the-top. No giant cream puffs here, ladies! But they all have really unique details and elements like pleating or a drop shoulder or an inset flounce. I love the two-peice gowns they offer, as well. How cool is it to wear a tank top to your wedding?
Maeve loved a vintage-style dresses with gorgeous lace and a dropped waist while I was a smitten kitten when I saw the simple silk gown with piles of ruffles falling from the side. The fabrics on all of the dresses are really stunning, from a cotton silk blend to a textured silk. If you're in the market for something a bit different or you're having a destination wedding on the water somewhere, you should check out Punk Rock Bride. Some of their flowing, drapey gowns are perfect for a beach wedding!
Another favorite aspect of the design house is that the dresses are all custom-made within about 100 miles of D.C. and the fabrics come from the U.S. so they are more eco-friendly than most dresses that are manufactured overseas (no huge carbon imprint from shipping fabric and dresses all over the world). We all know that local is better, right? Punk Rock Bride is a great option for all of my brides doing "100 mile weddings" where we source nothing from more than 100 miles away.
So for all you cutting-edge "unbrides" out there (or even brides who just hate the idea of the dress walking them down the aisle), check out the amazing creations from Punk Rock Bride. Happy dress shopping!