Friday, June 15, 2012

First Dances {Tips from The Pros}

Today we have a guest post on first dance's by our friends at Sam Hill Entertainment. Enjoy!

From our vantage point, as the link between the couple and their wedding band, we put our eyes on a lot of special song requests. From the traditional to modern, tried-and-true to out of left field, we've seen them all -- and our bands have learned and performed them.

A newly married couple's first dance is a beautiful moment, one that everyone in attendance will remember. It can reflect a special meaning to the couple, or just be a classic love song. Here are some suggestions for first dance songs that are cool, aren't cheesy…and are easy to dance to.

Something old: Van Morrison's "Moondance" never disappoints. It's simple, beautiful & timeless.

Something new: Jack Johnson's "Better Together" is a laid back favorite.

Something borrowed: The President's impromptu rendition of Al Green's "Let's Stay Together" has given this classic new life.

Something blue: Brad Paisley's cover of Ryan Adams' "When the Stars Go Blue" has always been a big hit as a first dance number for the Jangling Reinharts.