Thursday, December 3, 2009

Gay Weddings in DC

I recently had the distinct pleasure of hearing Bernadette Smith of 14 Stories, the country's most successful gay wedding planning company, speak about gay weddings coming to D.C. You may not know that earlier today the DC City Council voted in favor of allowing legal marriage. This isn't the final vote but it is a good sign.

Bernadette spoke on the positive impact that gay marriage had on Massachusetts (her state) and how it would bring tons of new revenue and jobs to the city (hooray!). Plus, who doesn't love thousands of additional weddings each year?

We are an open and affirming wedding planning company and love creating unique and personal weddings for all couples so we look forward to this new avenue opening up for D.C. Thanks to Bernadette for sharing her knowledge and enthusiasm! And thanks to Closed Circle Photography for the beautiful picture above!