Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Top 10 Reasons to Use a Honeymoon Planner!

Top 10 Reasons to use a Honeymoon Planner

10. You are on your own to fix your own problems if you’ve booked your own trip.
With a travel agent experienced in honeymoon travel you get 24 hour 7 days a week customer service department so you are never alone. You don’t need to waste your time and money on your holiday fixing problems. When you book your travels with a travel agent you are never alone.

9. In today’s Internet-savvy world, many people choose to take control of their travel plans, and we’ve all heard the horror stories
– undisclosed travel times, the luxury hotel suite that was anything but luxury or the lackluster tour guide. Some travelers like the risk and “adventure” of do-it-yourself traveling. But, the more discerning traveler knows to let a travel specialist do what they do best. If you are looking for a fun adventure, see more about Costa Rica & Belize Adventures.

8. Their buying power is greater than yours.
Experienced travel agents come with a lot of clout because they move a lot of people and have contacts at many hotels and destinations that can work to your advantage that you would not have if you booked your trip on your own. They have gained first-hand knowledge of all global destinations offered, allowing them to plan the ultimate vacation. Because of the personal relationships they’ve established with global hoteliers, clients often are treated to complimentary breakfast, food & beverage credits or priority upgrades. Read more about Elite Services

7. You were certain that the resort you’d booked for your honeymoon was on the water because you could see it plain and clear in the photo on their web site. Turns out there was a highway between your room and the ocean. A honeymoon travel specialist will help you find the right room and view to meet your needs and your budget…they have the knowledge to help you determine the difference between oceanfront and ocean view. Check out Jade Mountain in St. Lucia (above) where all the rooms have infinity pools and views of the Caribbean Sea.

6. Your room was the most affordable in the resort which gave you the best “value” like the web site promised, but that meant it was nearest to the street and in front of the disco that was open all night, so you never got to sleep and still can’t get that ABBA tune out of your head.
Let the professional’s help you plan your honeymoon…that’s what a honeymoon planner is for.

5. All of your friends who booked through a luxury travel advisor had special passes for a private tour of the Vatican, except for you, so you stood in line for three hours in the hot sun, just to see the main rooms. While you were waiting your friends met the Pope and then went off to sip Prosecco cocktails in the garden of the Hotel du Russie. Want a European honeymoon?

4. You didn’t realize until you got to the airport that your passport needed to have at least six months on your passport before it expired. Now you know! So, you’ll go next year. Let the travel professionals help you with the details of planning your vacation. See a Youtube video on the MALDIVES.

3. A honeymoon specialist is your advocate; someone who is accountable for the time and money you are investing. Travel specialists works for you, not for hotels, cruise lines or airlines. Learn about how to customize your Tailor-Made Journey.

2. Honeymoon specialists travel the planet in search of the most romantic destinations and the search still goes on.  Some even offer a Honeymoon Gift Registry.

1. With the million and one things you have to do before your wedding day, a honeymoon specialist will take a huge item off your "to-do" list (or keep you from nagging your fiance to do it). Enough said.

Thanks to Teresa from Honeymoon Islands for her tips. Honeymoon Islands has been featured on the Travel Channel’s Great Escapes as offering the most unique romantic honeymoon ideas and locations. They also currently serve on the travel advisory board for Islands Magazine, Destination Weddings & Honeymoon Magazine, Spa Magazine, Caribbean Travel + Life Magazine. See the travel specials and recommendations posted on their Facebook page.