Thursday, June 20, 2013

Engaging Affairs' Fabbity Fab Interns!

This summer I have had the wonderful experience of working with two delightful and energetic young ladies!  They have been so quick to learn the ins and outs and we have had so much fun working together!  They have put up with my insane ideas, helped me find my keys when I have misplaced them (happens often), and provided me with so much more than an extra pair (or two) of hands!!



My name is Erica Shipley and I am thrilled to have been thrown into the magical world of weddings in the D.C. area. Engaging Affairs has shown me everything and more about this industry, with everything from trends to the exact placement of a chair in a reception setting. A few things about myself...

1) What has been your favorite moment of your internship so far?

One of the other great things I've learned through this is that you should keep everyone involved in the wedding happy-- guests included. There was a guest at one wedding that had a food allergy so severe he couldn't eat the food that was served. Amanda took great measures to make sure that he got a meal that would satisfy him. We ordered him a burger and fries from a local pub, picked up, and left him with a full stomach and a smile on his face. It felt great to make him so happy. 
2) What is your best personality characteristic as it pertains to weddings?

I think I am committed to making people happy, whether it be the bride or the groom's second cousin who he was forced to invite.
3) If you were a superhero, what would be your name and your super power?

Petal to the Metal, and my power would be to be able to make any wilting flower petals in a centerpiece come to life.

Hi! I’m Meg, an upcoming senior at Georgetown University exploring the world of wedding planning for the first time this summer. At the moment I’m pretty much living the dream, enjoying summertime and attending meetings and weddings with two of the most fun people ever: Amanda and Erica! We have a great time together and I love spending time with them. I’m from southwestern Virginia and love weddings with some Southern style, but my favorite parts of any wedding are the personal touches that really describe who the couple is, how they met, and who they have become together.

1) What’s your favorite trend in weddings that you are loving right now?

My favorite trend in weddings right now are creative escort cards. I love new ideas of ways to integrate the cards into the theme of the wedding instead of just having a table with plain cards laid out in rows. Ideas like making the cards into shapes or flowers that guests can take or attaching them to an upright board with clothes pins are some of my favorites.

2) What has been your favorite moment of your internship so far?

While I have loved every moment I’ve had this summer and especially those with Amanda and Erica, my favorite moment so far this summer was at the first wedding that I worked at the Mellon with Laura. My favorite part of any wedding are the toasts by the Best Man and Maid of Honor. At the first wedding I worked, the Best Man’s toast was one of the nicest and most moving speeches I have heard in a long time. He talked about the groom’s older brother who had died and, therefore, wasn’t able to be the Best Man at his wedding a few years earlier. Instead the groom agreed to fill his brother’s role which meant the world to his now Best Man. Hearing that speech made me realize how incredible weddings can be in the ways in which they bring people together and celebrate the relationships and love between all of them.

3) If you were a superhero, what would be your name and your super power?

If I were a superhero, I would need to have a super power that would make me an essential guest at any party or celebration. Therefore, I would want the power to turn water into wine, which would definitely let my clients cut some costs in their weddings and make sure that the celebration never ended due to a lack of wine. As the superhero of celebration and turning water into wine, my name would be Dionysia.