Friday, September 3, 2010

Michelle's Memos giveaway! (TWO of them!)

How do we love invitation queen Michelle Alberg? Let us count the ways.

1. Her company, Michelle's Memos, is able to offer great discounts on a variety of lines.
2. She's a true expert on invitation wording and etiquette, having been in the business for more than 23 years.
3. Michelle carries over 50 stationery vendors, and works one-on-one with clients to create the perfect invitation suite for their big day.
4. She loves her job, and it shows.

Having worked with Michelle dozens of times, we can honestly say she is one of the best in the business: efficient, knowledgeable, and completely creative. And now, she is about to make two Bridal Bubbly readers very happy. Michelle is giving away a $100 and $50 gift card to Michelle's Memos. If you'd like to win one of them, email us at with a quick note and Michelle's Memos in the title. And read on for our interview with Michelle!

How did you develop your business?
 I developed my business in 1987 when I was pregnant with my twins. I knew I wanted to be with them as much as possible but still had a desire to work. So, I started my business from my home, living in Massachusetts. At that time there weren't really any home-based businesses, so it was hard to get it started. I loved what I was doing from the very beginning so it was just a matter of getting people to understand that not only did I knew what I was doing, but that was a legitimate business as well. Twenty-three years later, I guess it worked!

What customizations do you offer?
I work with most major companies whether it is letterpressed, engraved or thermography invitations. I also find the "start up " companies who offer great prices because they are not as well known as the more popular ones. A great advantage in working with the "start up" ones is many times they can create invitations very similar to the popular ones at a much less expensive price. I can always work within someone's budget, and most of the time will find exactly what they were looking for, many times at a less expensive price. Since I have been in this business so long, I know all the tricks of the trade . In addition, there are many companies that I am able to offer a discount so that also saves people a lot of money.

What one thing in your business could you not live without?
The thing I could not live without in my business are all of the books that have all the samples in them. I don't really understand how people can choose a wedding invitation or stationery without seeing  and feeling the actual paper. With all the new papers available, as well as different thickness, I don't understand how people buy from the Internet. The books also have ink samples so you know exactly what you will be getting. When ink colors are shown on the Internet, I know the color varies from one computer screen to another.So, what you get may be different than what you see on your screen.

What trends do you see in color, texture or detailing?
There used to be a trend that the invitation should always match the colors used in the wedding, but I think that is changing. People are really choosing what they like and worrying about the colors in the wedding with the tablecloths, dresses and flowers. However, there are still people who will run " their colors" from start to finish.

What colors do you love?
Hmm, what colors do I like? That is a hard question, it really depends on the season and what I feel like at the moment. I always love classic and traditional  colors with a little "zip" to it, but then I work with someone to create this really colorful and fun invitation, and then I really love that look.

What is one piece of advice you'd give a bride or groom?
The one piece of advice I always will give a bride and groom is make sure you love what you are choosing. Whether it is the invitation, the band, the flowers, or the caterer, love it from the beginning. You never want to look back when the wedding is over and think, " I should have done this or should of done that", so fast-forward in the process and think, "Will I love what I chose when it is all over?"

Thanks, Michelle, for the interview and fabulous giveaways. Remember to email us at if you want to enter the drawing for the gift cards. The winners will be announced next week. Good luck!