Sunday, February 21, 2010

Thailand Cubed!

Ok, so what do I mean, Thailand cubed? And, why should I care? Well, here are the reasons I am writing about Thailand 1) DESTINATION WEDDING 2) Honeymoon 3) MY honeymoon.

First things first. As Laura and I set out to check up on some major destination wedding locations for you, (we visited a tropical locale last week so stay tuned) I decided to check out one on my own while I was on the other side of the world. More on that later. Phuket is the beach/resort island area of Thailand located about an hour's plane ride south of Bangkok. There are several resorts lining both the east and west costs of the island. The Indigo Pearl resort, located on the west coast, offers visitors the perfect combination of resort and local culture, which will give your guests added reason to travel half way around the world for your celebration.

Phuket was originally a tin mining area and the Indigo Peal's architecture and decor tastefully pays homage to the island's history. The resort boasts space for weddings as small and private as 10 guests to ones with over 250 guests. Given the huge number of mixed culture weddings we are seeing now a days, with guests flying to the event from many places all over the world, why not meet in an exotic locale new and exciting for everyone? Thailand is a nice neutral ground:)

So, back to the spaces. Whether it's a sunset beach wedding, nuptials on the grassy grounds, or using the space of one of their unique restaurants, this destination spot is sure to give your guests an experience they won't soon forget.As a honeymoon spot, you must love to travel. Now don't get me wrong, some people may not be familiar with the distinction between travel and vacation, two very different things. Clearly you don't fly 22+ hours to sit on a beach and relax. There better be something darn good to see that far away. Not to fear, Thailand has it.

From the largest market in the WORLD, to elephant rehabilitation parks, to more Buddha's and temples than you could possibly fit into a trip, Thailand has something for everyone. There are three seasons, hot, hotter and rainy. Best to visit during the hot season, December-March.

Finally, here are my highlights.

We began our trip in Bangkok by way of Seoul. Korean Air Lines was fantastic. Bangkok, to me, was huge and ridiculous. The perks, the Grand Palace, an enormous lying buddha made of gold, the weekend market- read you need to spend a whole day there to actually stop freaking out and make your purchases, it is the size of Magic Kingdom- and the SILK! Buy as much as you can. Bring home reams for friends and family as gifts. They will FIND something to do with it.

Chiang Mai was my favorite spot. Unreal night market- not nearly as overwhelming as the weekend market in Bangkok- elephant adventures, zip cording through rain forests and amazing Thai cooking courses. I forgot to mention, the food here in Thailand is unbelievable and super inexpensive. We ate like kings! Oh ya, and the infamous Thai massage. My husband and I both got one for an hour for only $5!

Phuket was our final stop and time to relax. We rented a car, warning, they drive on the other side of the road and there are NO rules. If a car is bigger than you, make way! The best sunset on the island is at Phromthep Cape. Thanks to my so/so navigating skills and the lack of marked roads, we made it there with about 10 minutes to spare. The amazing Big Buddha

still being constructed on top of a mountain. We went up and bought a marble block to be used on it. In 10 years, when we go back, we can say we helped build it. We took a day trip to the Phi Phi Islands, the most amazing beaches in the world. It was on one of these that the movie The Beach with Leo DiCaprio was filmed (it's claim to fame). We experienced the crazy monkey beach here as well. Do NOT let your food or drink out of your possession. These guys are aggressive! Besides that, a little sitting on the beach, kayaking in the ocean and reading by the two infinity pools.

Overall, Thailand was an adventure. The best thing I think you can get from a trip is wanting to go back. Thailand has definitely been put back on the list!