Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Traveling in {Green} Style

Earth Week rolls on and we are rolling right into fun ways to get around on your wedding day without guzzling lots of gas. If your wedding isn't all in one location, chances are you'll need a way to get from one venue to the next.

Instead of using traditional limos (or, heaven forbid, huge stretch Hummers), why not try Enviroride? Their fleet consists of Toyota Camry Hybrids, Toyota Highlander Hybrids and "Blue Tec" Mercedes. All of the cars are equipped with GPS and real time connection with dispatchers to help with any re-routing (and if you've ever tried to locate a late limo, you know how crucial that is).

If you want to make even less of an environmental impact, check out the three pedicab operators in D.C. Capitol Pedicabs, DC Pedicab and National Pedicab all provide bike-driven transportation around the city. It may take a while to move all of your guests this way but it's the perfect way for a couple to make their getaway! Happy riding!