Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Borrow It Bindaas! {Sarees for Rent}

This past weekend I learned about an amazing website: www.borrowitbindaas.com. One of the bridesmaids at my wedding had rented her saree from the site and it was beautiful!  The site works pretty much like renttherunway.com where you rent a fabulous outfit for a fraction of the purchase price and then return it. This is perfect if you don't go to Indian weddings often but want to wear a saree or if you just don't want to invest a lot in an outfit you may not wear again or if you don't want to wear an old saree.

Some of these sarees are so pretty that I'm dying to try them on even though when I attend an Indian wedding, I'm usually working at it (and a fancy saree doesn't seem appropriate wedding planner attire).  But the next time you get an invitation to an Indian wedding, be sure to check out BorrowItBindaas.  Happy shopping!