Sunday, August 2, 2009

Wedding Inspiration from Rancho la Puerta

Anyone who has seen my blissed out state for the past week knows that I just returned from Rancho la Puerta. And anyone who has been to Rancho la Puerta knows what a beautiful and amazing place it is. Located in Baja, the resort sits at the base of Mount Kuchamaa and features traditional Mexican architecture and stunning gardens.

I was completely captivated by the rustic charm of the buildings and the natural beauty of the herbs and cactus which cover the grounds. Walkways are lined with rosemary and lavender bushes, making strolling around the property a heady experience. After spending a week in this little bit of Mexican paradise and getting truly rejuvenated, I thought I'd share some inspiration for a Rancho la Puerta style wedding.

The cactus reminds me of the arid mountainside we hiked up every morning. The natural paper of the invitations feels perfect for a rustic, outdoor wedding.

We dined outdoors each evening at long tables that surrounded a stone fountain.
I love long tables for weddings and love the look of this one looking out onto a courtyard. The ghoulish bride and groom are traditional Mexican figurines used during the Day of the Dead. There were plenty of these to be found at Rancho la Puerta.

I love the idea of using traditional Mexican papel picado banners as decor. Customized with your names and wedding date, they make perfect keepsakes. I think the use of the colorful flags on the invitation below is so much fun!

Summer in Baja calls out for short, fun dresses with more flounce than form. The dress below from Anthropologie would be a perfect choice for bridesmaids for a warm weather, outdoor affair. Love the color!

I was in heaven with the amazing cuisine at Rancho la Puerta. Since they have their own enormous organic garden, the meals were so healthy and delicious. Lots of fruit used in creative ways like an avocado sorbet served with mango and a lemon tiramisu with papaya. And, of course, bowls and bowls of papayas, mangoes, and melons. Exotic fruits are perfect to incorporate into a summer wedding, whether in a display or desserts. I am a huge fan of fruity desserts and find fruit in general so refreshing during the heat of July and August.

What more perfect way to send your guests off from your wedding fiesta than with boxes of Mexican wedding cookies? Although we didn't get these at Rancho la Puerta (or anything covered in powdered sugar), I'm sure they would approve of them. Okay, maybe just one itty-bitty one.

I hope you enjoyed a little South of the Border inspiration. For true inspiration, I highly recommend Rancho la Puerta!


Blog shouts-outs from the top: landscape from Rancho la Puerta, landscape from Rancho la Puerta, cactus & long table from Jose Villa, , flags from Mexican Sugar Skull, Papel Picado invitation from {frolic}, dress from Anthropologie, fruit skewers and Mexican wedding cookies from Martha Stewart