Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Engaging Affairs is Thankful For . . .

In the spirit of being grateful this week (and all this month), we came up with some wedding-related things we're thankful for!

Laura is thankful for:

* the wonderful families who have called her for multiple weddings over the years and make her feel like part of the family
* the amazing Engaging Affairs team and our mad dancing skills
* safety pins (because she uses them at almost every wedding in some capacity) and Robek's smoothies (because she drinks one before every wedding)

Sara is grateful for:

* that each couple is so different and unique that they keep her creativity sharp
* vendors who understand we are all part of a team making brides' and grooms' dreams come true, no matter what we have to do to achieve it
* an Engaging Affairs team that is determined and innovative, supportive of each other and super fun whenever we are together 

Amanda is grateful for:

*her Cole Haan/Nike Air wedges, Luna Bars, and Sugar Free Red Bull that keep her comfortable and energetic on wedding days!
*her amazing past clients whom she's lucky to still keep in touch with even though their big day is over!  There were some really special ones this year! 

* all of the amazing vendors that we work with!  There is such talent behind each and every one of them, and she's thankful to have the opportunity to get to know them as people as well-- beyond the wedding days!  

Christine is thankful for:

* her super sweet couples that are kind enough to refer her to their family and friends
* comfortable black dresses (preferably with pockets) that last from wedding season to wedding season
*the top notch vendors we work with that keep her laughing no matter how long the day is 
* those magical moments she has with couples during the planning process when the wedding design and details just "come together"

And, finally, we're thankful for all of you reading our blog. Thanks for stopping by and hanging out for a while. Happy Thanksgiving!