Monday, January 12, 2009

Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Green?

Lately, our most common request from clients has been for us to "green" their wedding. Over here at Engaging Affairs, we love eco-chic events. From sourcing a completely locally-grown and sustainable menu to finding organic flowers, we like to stay on the cutting edge of the trend to be more environmentally aware. In that spirit, I've going to devote a few blogs to our fun environmetally-friendly finds. Special thanks to our very own Alison for combing the fashion world for our brides!
Before you made a single decision about your wedding—before you picked a date, or settled on a venue—maybe before you even met the guy!—you’d thought about The Dress.

And so when the big day approaches, even the most environmentally savvy bride may balk at compromising her vision of the perfect gown for a more eco-chic version. With visions of hemp dresses better suited for Woodstock than a wedding dancing in your head, who could blame you? Luckily, environmentally conscious bridal fashion has come a long way in recent years. The designers featured here have all gone green, and the results are nothing short of gorgeous!

Morgan Boszilkov uses sustainable fabrics and environmentally responsible business practices, and gives five percent of the proceeds from her Natural Bridal Collection to environmental causes. Her gowns are handcrafted in the USA and are absolutely stunning. Don’t believe us? See for yourself (dress above and directly below photographed by Kyle Egan).

These dresses are just too pretty to only wear for one day! So in a stylish twist, some of Morgan’s gowns are convertible, with detachable bottom skirts that allow brides a completely different look for their receptions, as well as the very real (and green!) possibility of wearing their wedding dresses again.

Another favorite eco-chic designer is Deborah Lindquist , who mixes “reincarnated” and new Earth-friendly fabrics to create lushly beautiful gowns that are unabashedly romantic, more old Hollywood siren than sixties flower child. (dress to left)
We’re also big fans of Olivia Luca , (dresses pictured at top of blog) whose website allows you to design custom bridal gowns and bridesmaid dresses from scratch. You can choose a growing number of organic and fair trade fabrics to make your gown as green as possible.

Of course, the greenest fashion choice for your wedding is to recycle a dress that’s been worn before. Consider having a seamstress update your mother’s gown, or check out everything from eBay to online vintage boutiques like The Frock . There’s something so romantic about wearing a dress with a history of its own. But in case you’re not ready for your bridal gown to be that “something old,” it’s good to know that there are more and more designers out there making sure that your new dress can be “something green!”