Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Going to the Dogs!

As some of you may know, we have some serious dog-lovers here at Engaging Affairs. And we've had plenty of weddings with dogs as part of the wedding party!  So here are some tips and tricks to including your favorite pooch in your wedding day.

-Know your dog's temperament and personality. Not all dogs are cut out for being in large groups of people.

-Make sure your venue is pet-friendly. Not all locations allow animals and some (restaurants, public buildings) have laws preventing it.

-Be sure to have a designated handler who knows your dog well.

-Determine what role you want your pooch to play. Will he be the ring-bearer (using fake rings, perhaps) and wear a special pillow tied around his neck? Will he be one of the wedding party and be escorted down the aisle (maybe is a collar that matches the wedding colors or is made of flowers)? The jury over here is out on doggie tuxes but I know Amanda, for one, is all for them.

-Decide how long your dog will stay. Just for the ceremony? For pictures? Will he be introduced into the reception? Make sure your designated handler has a place to take him when his role is over.

-Don't forget the doggie supplies. Water, treats, food, leash, etc. Whatever he needs to be comfortable.  It is always a good idea to keep dogs on a leash in case any guests are allergic or afraid of canines.

- Consider wedding insurance. Never a bad idea but an even better one if you're including your dog.