Monday, January 3, 2011

Legally Bound {Washington Post}

Ok, so I was really trying to come up with a cute title for this post.  Hopefully you will find it too cute to be corny.  Fact is, it makes me smile, just like 99% of the time I would receive an e mail from the groom mentioned below, the wonderful and talented Forrest Deegan who can now really be described as famous in his own right.  Their photographer, Greg Gibson, relayed to me a story from when he took them to do their engagement shoot just weeks before their wedding.  Something about the movie Three Amigos and how Forrest proceeded to dictate the entire movie throughout their session.  That was a first for Greg, who has referenced the movie before while shooting.  It's that sly sense of humor, that, is he serious or is he kidding, that makes Forrest such a fun guy.  Fungi, hehe!

And let's not forget the fabulous bride, Ryan.  Ladies, if I tell you her shoes had me at hello I would NOT be lying.  They were fabulous and Ryan herself was sweet as can be.  A medal for this one for putting up with the afore mentioned sense of humor.  She deserves a prince and their big day, the last one of my 2010 wedding year was fit for royalty.

But for now, you just get to hear their story.  Additional pictures to come.  The couple was highlighted in the On Love section of the Washington Post this past Sunday.  I miss them already!

Oh, and the legally bound title, read on.  After all, it was the law that brought them together :)

Relaunch Redux {Mignonne Handmade}

You'd be forgiven for thinking you'd somehow wandered from Bridal Bubbly to the Anthropologie website. Really, it's just the whimisical stylings of Mignonne Handmade, whose creator Jennifer Wood is master of all things pretty. 

I still want to build an entire wedding around that boutonniere. Here's hoping a 2011 bride will give me a chance!