Monday, May 14, 2012

Naughty Bits Brownies!

We've put together many a welcome bag over the years and we're always looking for fun goodies to include. What could be better for your wedding guest swag than a treat that was included in the Oscar nominee swag bag? DC-based Naughty Bits Brownies were featured in the luxurious swag bags at the 84th Oscars and now can be included in your wedding swag bags or as favors for your guests!

We were lucky enough to sample the couture brownies and can say that they are delicious and decadent. Although you can select a classic fudgy brownie(the delightfully named Man Catcher), the real intrigue comes in the designer flavors like Cabana Banana Boy (toasted coconut, dried bananas and macadamia nuts), The Shiska (maple smoked bacon and toffee bits) and Barista Bar (chocolate-covered espresso beans and Kahlua).

I loved the unique combination of flavors in The Geisha Girl (crystalized ginger, wasabi and sesame snack bits) and Barista Bar but the ones that I really loved were the Cabana Banana Boy and the Living in Sin (miniature peanut butter cups and salted blistered peanuts). Divine!

What I also loved was that the brownies were thick (about an inch thick each) and big. These are serious confections. Order some samples for yourself and pick your favorites for your wedding welcome bags or for your take-away gift. Trust us--your guests will feel like stars!